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Spoilers for Hippokrates’ first quest in AC: Odyssey


Well, I’m in Salt Lake City, hanging out with my great-aunt. Ate some blueberry trifle she made. Highlight of the day!

And I’ll just throw this out there for when you get back, to make sure I don’t forget I did it.

Finished talking to Hippokrates and the priests! It was interesting that timing became an issue, first when I finally got back with the doctor, and Hippokrates’ patient had died because we took the time to help the other doctor’s patient first. Usually timing doesn’t matter! But here, apparently, if I’d been more forceful and demanded that the doctor come with me and abandon his own patient, maybe Hippokrates’ patient would have survived. Hm.

And that should have warned me, perhaps, but then it turned out later that timing was still important when talking to the priests! I grabbed all their quests at once, as one does, and then puttered around finishing them off, and it seems I should have attended to one of them first. But I didn’t know!

So I’m not sure how I feel about the fact that timing suddenly matters. I kind of like that it makes a difference, it adds to the realism, but at the same time…if it never mattered before it seems kind of harsh to just make it matter now, sometimes, but not always, and not in instances where there’s any way to know if it does or not.


So yeah, I did that.

We’ll talk later, when you’re done boozing it up on the beach.


What? Huh? Games? What’re those? This is a booze blog!

In the “I’m failing miserably at travel blogging department,” there’s someone famous at my hotel! I saw the reception person all “tell your wife I’ve been her fan since I was a teenager!” Blogging gold!

If I knew who it was.

So close…so far….


Just stake out the lobby for the rest of your stay! She’s bound to go by!


But I’m so lame that I wouldn’t recognize a famous person! She could walk right by me!

I better just go home and play some games.


Oh, good point. I probably wouldn’t recognize one either.

Just get home and play. You’ll recognize Hippokrates, if only because his name will be in the quest info.


I still won’t be able to spell it.

Just got home. PS4 wasn’t stolen, the last piece of a successful trip.



Trimmed some roses this afternoon in the high desert sun. I’ll be lucky if I’m not burned to a crisp.


So you’ll go out in sun and heat and sand UNLESS there’s an ocean.

I think you have it backwards.


There isn’t literally sand in my great-aunt’s rose garden. Otherwise, I would never have gone near it.


Or ocean.

But then, no rum, so it’s a wash, really.


Saw a nice sunset. It’s more impressive in person.



Damn. That is nice.

And since we’re doing night scenes, I’ll do this from the other night just to please our readers. And to mope that I’m home.
No filter. That’s the moon.


I miss vacation.

Especially as I’m off to the track. And to sob.