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Spoilers for Hippokrates/Chrysis stories in AC: Odyssey


So I did the whole Hippokrates/Chrysis quest line. How far down that line have you gone?

Same thing happened to me with Hippokrates patient! That was a mean trick. But, on the other hand, dude, you’re the father of modern medicine. Maybe remember the order of the steps of the treatment YOU INVENTED.

But as for the priests….

What happened to you? I did them all in rather rapid succession, got a couple of what seem like rather vital cutscenes. What did you miss?

And then did all the Chrysis stuff. Did you?


Yeah, I also did some stuff with the priests in maybe the wrong order, because when I got to the bull it was already dead and I had to pick one person to try to save. But I didn’t know it was a timing issue!

Oh well. Not like a roasted bull’s heart is really going to do any of them much good.

And then I followed up with Chrysis, saved the baby rather than chase her down right away, but caught up with her later. So she’s out of the picture. Interesting series of choices there, including some I didn’t realize were choices at first.


Dude I don’t think that bull’s heart was a timing thing. I did that right away and, yes, dead bull. Saved the kid. You?

Indeed, when they said “bring it back alive” I was thinking “Wait, what? Is there a new mechanic? Please say it isn’t a lasso,” so when it was dead and there was no new mechanic, I wasn’t surprised. I think that bull was dying no matter what.

I, too, saved the baby. Who doesn’t save the baby?

What weren’t choices? I mean, the notes thing was (and we didn’t know it), who to save of the three people who needed the bull, save the baby or not….

I suppose you could have incorrectly solved the mystery of the landlord or the neighbor. That mattered. Nice touch.

I don’t really mind the timing stuff, really. It’s not game breaking. You’re going to get those plot points no matter what. It’s just adding some degree of realism to the magpie.

Though I don’t think it was time per se. Kassandra says “I visited the priests first,” not “sorry I took so long,” so I got the sense that had we magpied like hell but still didn’t start another chapter quest before going back it would have been ok. I think it was just order more than timing.

I now think I’m pretty much done in Argolis. Off to Korinth!

I’ve heard it’s nice.

Have you done the story bit there? Of course you have.


No, in fact I have not. I magpied all over Korinth, but it was before we had story there.

Basically the last thing I did was fight Chrysis. We’re in pretty much the same place.

You did the bull first and it was still dead? Interesting. The way people were talking, it sounded like something that could have happened differently. Oh well.

I actually told them to give the heart to the guy who owned the bull. I mean…the woman flat out said she had money, so she can pay someone else to take care of her kids, and the little girl selflessly said to help someone else, and it WAS that guy’s bull. Plus, it’s not as if it would do any of them any good, so they’re all going to live or die as the gods decree anyway.

And then I did run into a guy who said he was the bull guy’s friend, and thanked me for trying to save him! ‘Trying’ being the operative term, since it turns out he died. I didn’t hear what happened to the other patients.


Yeah, I think the bull was going to go that way no matter what.

Which….well, still pondering themes. But it seems like the chapters so far have been:

1) It’s silly to believe!
2) Or is it? As Supideo!
This one) Whether or not it’s stupid or right, it’s GOOD to believe. I think.

Cuz, yes, it’s true they were trying to do the “Who’s the real bad guy here?” thing with Chrysis there, which is nothing new, but I also think they were trying to make the cult ambiguous. “Hey, whether or not the cult is full of shit, YOU’RE the killer!” The problem is, when someone who is torturing children to turn them into soldiers is saying that, then, well, it’s hard to have any ambiguity. I kept saying “Look, game, I see your point, but maybe don’t lead with ‘she tortures kids’ cuz that makes pretty much everything else she says rather unambiguous.”

Wait….we’re in the SAME PLACE?

You did Xenia the pirate, right?


Wow. If I play tonight I’ll be……

I can’t even….. AHEAD OF YOU?

I think it says something about your magpie that you’re level, what, 98 and I’m level 25 as of last night and we’re in the same place storywise.


I’m only level 37. Don’t exaggerate.

Get ahead fast, I’ll be home tomorrow. Although then I have Labor Day cookouts to attend, so…take your time, really.


Nah, I gotta play. WE gotta play. So much stuff coming out…..So very much…..and so much of this map untouched….