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No spoilers


Well, what with getting everyone back to school, I didn’t have energy for much more than Irish whiskey and Chardonnay, so I certainly hope you did some stuff I’ve already done.

I’m going to go talk to the lady of the night today. That sounds awkward.

As an aside, I’m back to not only doing FITNESS but using the calorie counter app that keeps track of how many calories you have left to eat. Does the fact I find myself not snacking and stuff to save calories for Irish whiskey and Chardonnay a problem? I can’t tell if that’s healthy or not.


That’s…probably healthy? Let’s go with healthy.

I have company hanging around trying to have conversations and stuff, so I didn’t do anything you’ve done OR anything you haven’t done.

Enjoy Korinth! It’s gonna be great.


Man….all these obligations….crushing souls and hurting game time and making me shift my caloric intake.

What’s getting me through is the fact that school has started and once it settles down there will be time. I am clinging to that.

Well, that and the shifted caloric intake.

At least I know that if I get ahead of you for a while, it will be a brief while. It always is.


I’ll do my best to race ahead again as soon as I get a chance to play.


You don’t have to worry about me being ahead. I WAS ahead for a couple days when we first started, remember? So long ago. Took you, I think, one weekend to blow past me by a couple country miles.

My hotmail ad is for American’s #1 pet insurer. I have no idea how these things happen.


Mine is Miller High Life. The Champagne of Beers.

Ah, that takes me back…to when we talked about Miller High Life in the context of RDR2.

Good times.


And I’m back to Victoria’s Secret.

All’s reset with the world.

I gotta play. YOU gotta play. We gotta play.


We gotta. Otherwise…no good can come of that.


Ok the two tales I did were called ‘divine intervention’ and ‘a brothers seduction’ and they’re the two best quest lines in the game thus far.

Very curious to see how you handle them.

We’ll talk. Later.