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No real spoilers


As you likely have nothing, I will say that, regarding the “Tales of Greece” quest, I do mock past me for thinking that these were short (HA!) but I do reiterate that Divine Intervention and A Brother’s Seduction are must plays, and both are found right in the Port of Korinth (not the city. The port part. The eastern port part. By the Krathensomething plains and the ithsmus of Posiden and other words I just can’t be bothered to spell cuz it was just my birthday and I’m old and fuck this week.

Oh, but, as you only look forward to games now, here’s something to look forward to:


That’s a thing.

We gotta play.


OHMYGOD that thing is so cool!

Whew. We must play. I will aim to definitely get to it by Monday.

And man, my kids were waking me up half the night because they’re kids, and then the alarm went off when I was right in the middle of some weirdass dream (i.e., a dream), and I woke up with a groggy, aged stiffness to rival anyone’s.

Maybe not my 91-year-old grandmother’s. But close.


ISN’T IT???? But, let’s face it, it could look like a cardboard box and we’d get it anyway.

We must play!

Dude I had weird dreams last night, too! I thought maybe it was cuz I drank some gin and then took kids benadryl to help me fall asleep, but maybe it’s cuz we’re not playing enough! We’re getting weird! Cuz I have a groggy, aged stiffness to rival yours!

This WEEK man.


It’s true, I would pre-order based on a picture of a brown cardboard box with a couple of knobs drawn on in marker if it said “PS5.” We’re easy marks.

That must be it! Weird dreams because not playing games!

Yet another reason to keep up with a rigorous program of video game playing. It’s FITNESS for the brain.


It IS fitness for the brain! Except it doesn’t make your brain sore.

One benefit of having the kids around is excuses to avoid FITNESS.

Though it is nice when the calorie app lets you have more booze cuz you did fitness. Good motivating, calorie app.


“Tell me more about how much booze I’m gaining by giving up this snack, calorie app!”

It should literally just be a direct correspondence, so that it reports everything not in calories but in alcohol units.


Wait….calories aren’t alcohol units?

Whoa….just hit me….if the PS5 is V shaped, V is the Roman numeral for 5, right? It’s like the PSV! Maybe it’ll be called that!



Whoa!!!! You’re right! That’s very clever of them. Very, very clever.

Kind of puts the pressure on for the VI, but they’ve got time to worry about that.


Subtle and shit.

Unlike here. Took the boys to one of these laser tag places to get them out of the house. It’s loud.


Speaking of chaos, this reminds me I have to respond to a summons for jury duty. Good times!

Actually, I don’t mind. I’m happy to provide my completely uninformed take on justice if required. Call me in, jury system. I dare you.


Oh dear. You as a juror is terrifying.

“How can I decide your honor? I want them both to LOOOVVVVVE MMMMMEEEE!”


It’s funny ’cause it’s true.

So, so true.


No way they’ll pick you. They can’t. Cuz if they do, we’ll never blog again.

“New records set as jury deliberations in small claims case enter seventeenth week….one juror still can’t decide….”


It’s a tough decision, OK?! The kind that will surely come back to haunt me in the endgame when some starving orphan shows up to tell everyone what a terrible person I am. Or something.


Well, if you get on the jury, do the natural thing: Go online and see what the results of each choice will be, and choose the one with better loot!




I’m glad I have a legal expert to advise me here. I have a good feeling about this.


That’s what law school taught me!

Or was that what playing games taught me?

Meh. Either or. Close enough.


Law school, video games…they’re both expensive and take up a lot of time. And teach valuable life lessons. I can barely tell the difference.


Law school has hot sorceresses! Or was that games…..That was games.

Why’d I go to law school?


Probably so you could gain valuable wisdom to pass on to others. Wisdom such as “don’t go to law school–turns out games are the thing with hot sorceresses.”


Yeah, that’s it. We’ll go with that.

Holy SHIT do we have to play.


We will!

At least I will. Totally will tonight. Or at least over the weekend. It’s gonna happen.


You better. You will. You miss it. Better than all this silly family stuff.


I miss it so much.

Plus, I can feel the insanity setting in. We need this.

Stay strong, my friend!

Booze: we must cling to it.