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Significant spoilers for major character in AC: Odyssey


Whoa. So that all happened.

Went back to Athens. Did the whole chapter, I guess, cuz the trophy popped. Short chapter.

I’m back on my boat with Adulisa or whatever.

You do all that? Cuz if not, won’t spoil.


Yeah…that all happened. That was…something. Was your Athens full of plague? Because if not, that’s totally my fault.


Oh yeah. Terrible plague. Had to burn bodies. Which, remember, in my case, was foretold. I had that quest where I had to take an herb to a guy because he had a vision that Athens was going to fall to a terrible sickness. Spot on, dude.

So you do all of it?


I didn’t burn any bodies! I just walked around them, no one told me to burn them. I did remember your prophecy, which I never did get. Interesting.

Also, this was when I decided to finally go after Nyx, and it turns out the advantage of a plague is that no one really cares if you’re fighting cultist spymasters in the street–she was wandering around all alone, and no one tried to stop me from attacking her. She was still tough, but at least it was just her.

The cult still killed Phoibe, though. Which was an unrelated quest, but which tied in uncomfortably well in terms of timing. Sigh.

Poor Phoibe. And Deimos cutting Perikles’ throat in the Parthenon! Did not entirely see that coming.


So I can ask: Where to next? I was going to drift down to the Obsidian Isles there, as they are close and I think they’re weak enough a cultist will “engage me in a naval battle.” Might as well do that.

And there’s two blue tales quests, on in Phokis, one by the salty bear, that are close to fast travel points. We should do those. Those are good.

Or I could just main story it up.

Have you done anything past magpie?

No bodies? Really? When I got back to plague Athens, between me and the main quest was Hippokrates, all “Please! You must burn them!” So I did. Got, like, 12000 XP.

But what really sucked is that a couple had dogs by them, which attacked, and, apparently, “Killing an Animal” is a crime which will up your bounty. I have to pay off bounties from dogs. DOGS.

I bet all the dogs in Greece are named Kevin.

Ah, man! That would have been nice with Nyx! She was tough and had friends when I killed her!

Ok….so…I’m not gonna google cuz I don’t want spoilers, but that with Phoibe was unavoidable, right? Cuz the quest was “protect Phoibe,” which made me think that we could have saved her. I kinda doubt it, cuz that was quite the plot point, but I can see how it would be doable either way.

I was also sensitive to that as the other quest I did was one for Allie who keeps popping up. He wanted me to take a drunk dude home. I kept trying to save the drunk dude, but I kept failing and gave up.

I have thoughts about that. Did you do that?

I didn’t see Perikles’ death coming either, especially as I was being all smart. See, after killing Nyx, I looked at the clue (which I’m pretty sure you aren’t doing) and it was “Active in Athenian Politics.” I noticed that some other cultist had a note from a boss signed “P” so I was all “Dude, it’s so Perikles. Looks like he’s all democracy, free thoughts and TWIST!” Guess not.

At least I can always say I was right about Arthur’s TB.

Though, this being AC, I could still be right! Cuz there’s all SORTS of weird! Like Deimos always having two dudes around who’s only job is to “die fighting my sister so I can slip away and appear at the end of the next chapter.” Probably not a job you want to take.

Though I will heap some praise on the game now: Phoibe’s death scene was really well done. I shall praise the thing I praise that you never notice: Sound. There was a LONG shot, Kassandra realizing she can’t save her, folding her hands, etc., that was SILENT. No ambient noise, no music, no nothing. That’s so rare in games. Games usually overdo it with sound effects, music, characters that never shut up, etc. To have this emotional moment punctuated by absolute silence was both effective and really made you realize how uncommon it is to hear nothing in a game, and how maybe that’s a trick more games should pick up. As I tell my kids, you don’t always need to be talking and making noise.

Props, game.


It was a good scene. There was genuine sorrow in Kassandra’s actions, and emotion is often a tough thing to get across. And the quiet, yeah, I didn’t really notice because our fan is so loud (holding out for the PS5). But good point!

I also wondered if we could have saved Phoibe. I mean, I did pause to fight Nyx before checking out that dude’s house where she was supposed to be. Maybe if I’d been quicker…but I don’t know.

It does also have kind of the feel of a plot point that was going to happen no matter what, so maybe we couldn’t have avoided it. I didn’t look it up either, although I’m tempted.

And dude, Alkibiades is such a jerk! Always getting me to do his dirty work. Delivering casts of his penis to enemies, hauling drunk people (presumably also enemies) into bad neighborhoods to be murdered by thugs…but I can’t lie, I’ll totally still do whatever his next quest is, because he’s also kind of funny. Plus, often good for a quick, tension-releasing orgy or a romp in a sacred temple!

After leaving Athens, I went over towards Paros, since Barnabas’ quest goes there (among other places), and Mykonos and Naxos are nearby so I can then drop off that lady and then go follow up on the lead about my mother. Enough things in one place that it seemed worth coming to this area.

Then, obviously, I got caught up in a saga on Mykonos and Delos that I’m just finishing, but there are two cultists around so I was glad to kill them along the way. Need…spear fragments…

I wonder why Hippokrates didn’t ask me to burn bodies? I totally would have done it! I fast-traveled in…maybe I just missed him.


Nah, I did it all in one big linear swoop and she still died. That said, whenever I try to save someone (drunk politician, theater owners who took in orphans, poor women who got tricked into losing their hair) they die. And that “Protect Phoibe” quest objective…it could have been a fake out, but I dunno.

I’ll live with it.

Don’t look it up. We shall move on.

And no, I did the same thing, fast traveled to Athens. Hippokrates was right there, like, 40 meters or whatever from the temple DIRECTLY between said temple and the main quest. You couldn’t have missed him. Didn’t even have to magpie.


But it wasn’t much of a quest. You just had to pick up bodies and chuck them into a bonfire. Gross, but hardly story themey centric.

But I did learn you can chuck bodies. Good to know, I guess.

I’m starting to not trust Alkibiades. He’s all “Take him home….” and the guy was even saying “Why are we going this way? I don’t live here!” and I figured “Meh, he’s drunk.” But he didn’t live there. He was set up, and we killed his killers. Allie would know that a) the killers would probably kill the politician and b) we’d be cool cuz we’re badass.

This begs the question: Why is he killing so many people and lying to us about it? We’ve joked that all you have to say to us is “Hey, we knew mumble mumble so hey, could you go kill my neighbor?” and we’re all “SURE!” And yet….he’s being elusive.

Though I did turn down a quest where it was mumble mumble kill someone! Some dude in Korinth was upset that someone “had the ear” of his “beloved heratae with the name that also starts with A this shit is so confusing” and I just said no. It was an “impact quest.” He said “Come back if you change your mind,” but I won’t. I’m in love with love, man. I’m not going to kill someone just cuz this weirdo doesn’t like her flirting.

We’ll see what the impact is.

All right. I’ll drift towards Mykonos and Delos. The blue quests can wait, what being by fast travel points and all.


Oh yeah, I turned that down too! I’m not going to go hassling some woman or killing her new love or whatever because some guy is afraid she doesn’t love him. That’s the kind of job angry, entitled-feeling men have always handled on their own–you don’t need a trained warrior.

I mean, I would have killed him if the guy had had a better story. Tell me the other dude stole your grandfather’s handaxe or something. Just don’t make me feel too bad about myself, mm’kay?

Weird. I really wonder what I did to make Hippokrates think I wasn’t up to the task of chucking bodies. Oh well. I’ll manage without his XP.


Right! Or say she is falsely claiming you owe her money.

Kassandra: “Chaire, stranger. I have picked you as the random person I will say ‘do you need help from a mercenary’ to, so…uh….do you need help from a mercenary?”
NPC: “Yes. Please kill this woman.”
K: “Why?”
NPC: “She’s stopping me from getting my thang on.”
K: “Pfft. Not my problem, stranger. That’s some weird malaka.”
NPC: “Uh…..and she says I owe her for the baklava at last week’s office party, but it was so her turn to pay!”
K: “Why didn’t you say so? She’ll beg for mercy!”

That’s so weird about the bodies. Ah, well. I’m sure you’ll just have to get your XP from killing captains like everyone else.


I’ve clawed my way to level 44 over the backs of murdered captains, and I see no reason to change strategies now.


Show off.

Hey is Mr O done? Junior was trophy stalking. Seems he is.


Yeah, he just got the platinum last night.


And now he can rest.

Dear god.

There’s a cultist. He’s on a boat.

To find him, you have to do a conquest battle.

A naval conquest battle.

So, after weakening everything.

Fuck. That.

Did it though.


Oh man…I hope that’s not the naval conquest battle I started, accidentally ran away from, and then respawned when the nation had refortified and the battle was no longer available! I was going to do that one!

I don’t remember where it was, though, so…whatever. I’ll get back to it eventually. Or not.


It was pretty obvious, dude. Like, the battle starts and BOOM cultist discovered, go unmask hey there he is!

You’ll get it eventually. You have to. Only way to kill the cultist. Which you have to do, right?


Oh, whew. That wasn’t the one I did, then. I would have noticed a cultist on a boat. Probably.


Well, especially as he got revealed the moment the battle started. You’d have noticed.


But, now that Mr. O knows, DO you have to kill all the cultists to finish the game?

Cuz I’m telling you, I’ll finish the game, but I ain’t platinuming shit. It’s fun, but we have lots of other stuff to play, and LOTS more coming up. I ain’t got three days to spend doing frustrating ship battles to kill cultists. Life’s too short.


Oh, good point! I’ll ask him if he actually had to kill them all. Stay tuned.