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No real spoilers, but some discussion of AC: Odyssey


So, as you know, did the naval battle, killed a cultist. But it took SO LONG to weaken the damn place as the fort was huge and the leader kept running and had bodyguards out the wazoo (doing EVERY conquest must take forever), so I didn’t have time to do anything else.

But hey, as a reward for killing that cultist, you get to reveal another cultist! Who has a boat. Yay.

But I started sailing towards the main quest, but, when close to an island, Barabas was all “That’s where my wife saw the witch!” so I pulled in there. I’ll do that next. How hard could it be?



I did that island! With the witch! It’s interesting. And not actually that long or complicated. Do it! We’ll talk!

Because otherwise all I did was stuff on Mykonos and Delos that we can’t talk about. Though there are cultists. I have 8 out of 9 shards now! Actually, I should be psyched that I missed a naval battle, since it means I can go back for him and hopefully upgrade my damn spear soon. I have all these skills to upgrade that require the upgraded spear. I have ridiculous numbers of ability points stashed up for it.


I shall! We shall!

And it’s right on the way to other stuff. Hooray!


So convenient! It’s going to be great. You’re gonna love it.

I will say, also, that dropping off that lady on Mykonos is a piece of cake, so you can get rid of that annoying diamond.

If you get involved in anything ELSE on Mykonos…

Though I can also advise you that if you get into the quest on Mykonos, romantic possibilities ensue. So if you’re in the mood for love, carry on.


Oh, I already see the damn diamond. Right there. Gonna happen.

And “If.” What is this if? There is never if.

I got a lady in every port, dude.


You’re right, that was silly of me. “If.” Ha!


You know we well enough.

So many options…..


Yeah. It’s just as well neither of us got tied down with one of those seductive brothers. We’re not ready for that level of commitment yet. We’re young, and there are so many islands to explore!


Though I can hear Kassandra’s grandmother now…..

She could’ve had a doctor! A DOCTOR! I wanted my daughter to have married a doctor but NO. First a wolf, then pirates. Kassandra SO got my hopes up and now this. Poets, for heaven’s sake.


But the grandmother’s friends chime in with “maybe she’s just getting it out of her system! Yes, she’s running wild now, but once she’s slept her way through the Greek world, she’ll remember that handsome doctor and go back to settle down.”

Grandmother’s friends can afford to be optimistic. It’s not THEIR potential great-grandchildren we’re talking about, after all.


Totally. Some things never change.

I gotta play.


Yes. Play. Go talk to the witch! I’m curious what you make of the witch.

And how was the Baked Bloatfly? Dude, you never reported back on that! The world needs to know!


Actually, it was damn good. And vegan, for crissakes. You know me: if I’m saying vegan was damn good, it was damn good. You’d’ve liked it. Maybe the next time you come over.

I’m making venison from the Elder Scrolls cookbook tonight, which is not vegan.


I will so come over JUST for the baked bloatfly. And possibly the Stim-Pak.


And the skooma. I got a recipe for skooma.


I’ll come for that. In fact, I’m already on my way. The knocking you’re about to hear at your door will be me, holding out an empty glass. “Please sir, I want some booze!”


Though the author of these wonderful cookbooks is a bit enamored with elderflower liqueur. I’m not even sure where to get that, let alone what it tastes like.

Still, probably something they’d drink in Skyrim.


Obviously, the author expects you to make your own. And here’s a recipe!


Uh…..I’ll get right on that.

Though she does have recipes for DIY nuka cola. Awful lot of work for DIY cola, you ask me.

I’ll stick to booze.

But some are easy: Such as:

Rad-away, which is basically a rum and coke with lime and the interesting addition of nutmeg, Stimpacks, which are basically pomegranate jello shots (this one says “Pairs well with human mishaps”) and SPECIAL, which is simple syrup, apple cider, pomegranate juice (apparently pomegranates survived the war), lemons, elderflower liqueur and champagne.

Skooma sounds better: Simple syrup, vodka, vanilla, dried apricots and cardamom. I’d drink that.
But holy shit: This book has instructions for fermenting your own mead. Like, real fucking mead! And how to get it anywhere between 4 and 10 percent alcohol! It even has ways to flavor it! (Says “Pairs well with songs by the fire, a sense of adventure and a drinking horn”).

Somehow I’m guessing what Mr. O’s getting for Xmas. Or his birthday. Or both.