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Spoilers for the quest with Kyra on Mykonos and the ‘finding your mom’ bit in AC: Odyssey


I got nothing. I don’t even have whiskey. Junior, who doesn’t like English, had English homework. So, after 45 minutes of total mental meltdown, there was 25 minutes of me helping him, which led to God knows how many minutes of his brothers being awful cuz they weren’t being watched, which led to an hour or so of me running out of the aforementioned whiskey.

That and it was….wait for it….HALF DAY TUESDAY! Cuz TUESDAY!

I’ll play today, but then, I could fill a day’s bloggage with how my soul got crushed after just three school days. Sorry, two and a half.

He likes his Spanish teacher. If he keeps being this mental about English, maybe we’ll just abandon it and start speaking Spanish around the house.


Oh gods, half-day Tuesday. I constantly blot this monstrosity from my memory, because it is so painful to even contemplate.

Butch [later]:

So played. Killed Podarkes. Banged Kyra. Immediately had a chance to flirt with her husband (?), decided that was uncouth, told him I wasn’t ready to sail then immediately got on my ship to try to find mother dearest.

Gonna rant about narrative:

Kyra should be the love interest. She’s cool, she’s got a backstory, they even SAY “We’ve lived similar lives.” If she isn’t the love interest, she should be a character we continue to get to know.

But she’s gonna disappear and we won’t.

And what pisses me off the most….they could’ve given us biowaresque relationships. We COULD have had them come to the ship, just like the Normandy. Fuck, I HAVE a bunch of people on the ship. But can I talk to them? Flirt with them? LEARN about them?


This game comes SO CLOSE. They make characters I want to know. They make characters I care about, at least for a while. And then they waste them.

It’s funny: We keep comparing this to Mafia 3. Our general take on that is that it wasted a lot of its opportunities. I’ll add that as another similarity to this game.


Dude, that worked out way better for you than it did for me. I flirted with both Kyra and…Thaletes? Who I think were kind of in love, but I don’t think they were married. Though they might have been eventually if I hadn’t interfered.

Then I actually slept with her, and then I went to him and said “I want you both!” and he was all “uh…let’s just keep our minds on the coming battle.” Burn! But hey, it’s fine, I’ve gotten a lot of love this game, I can live without this dude. So I proceeded, killed Podarkes, did all that stuff, and during the celebration Thaletes got all wounded and angry at me: “Podarkes was mine to kill! You stole my glory and you stole Kyra!” and he attacked me and I had to kill him. It was a hard fight, too. Bastard.

Then back at the party Kyra said “I heard he’s been made a general, he’ll be sailing out first thing in the morning” and I could either say “he’s dead” or lie and say “he’ll be a great general.” Normally I prefer to tell the truth, but I didn’t want to make her sad (she had enough to deal with, finding out Podarkes was her father and all), so I picked the lie. Now when she never hears from him again she’ll just assume he was killed in battle or something. At least she will until someone finds his body where I left it hidden in the field of poppies. But hey, I’ll be long gone by then!

So…yeah, that got kind of complicated for me.


Dude, I’m not sure how you managed to do it in that order.

See, I killed Podarkes. THEN a quest popped with Kyra. I thought “She’s cute, and I have to tell her about her dad anyway” (Which I did in private). We went hunting and she was ALL into me. Was all “Let’s go to the beach” and, of course. Note, I had not flirted with Thaletes at this juncture. So Kyra and I did all that, I got mad cuz she was a good character, etc. I had a choice to say “We should tell him” or “He can’t know,” I picked “Tell him,” because I kinda wanted her to come with me and to have the narrative make sense, but she was all “He’ll know in time.”

THEN I drifted over to Thaletes giving a speech, gave the slow clap (I liked the slow clap), I COULD have flirted but didn’t. Then, he’s all “Help me defeat the fleet” and I thought “Fleet? Oh HELL no. Not today, dude.” Told him I wasn’t ready to sail, got on my boat and went to find my mom.

Which I just did! Didn’t see THAT coming. She’s all in charge! Nice twist.

And then killed dudes, and now I’m at the “If you want to move the plot, you must do three things, one of which is the whole weaken the place….” C’MON MOM! REALLY?????


You ignored Thaletes and went right to mom? Nice. Nice escape. I did all the Kyra plot and then all the Thaletes plot including the naval combat and some land combat and THEN I went after Podarkes. Because–this will surprise no one–I like to wrap up all the side things before touching the main quest.

But you found mom! Nice! I, too, was glad to see she was doing so well. And the reunion–that was kind of well done and touching, with the emotions and everything! And mom seems like a strong and competent leader. She roamed around, saw the world, met some people, and finally settled down in a place where she could make a difference and do some good. Good for her.

And then you have to weaken a place and provoke a battle and so on and so on. Such is this game.


Dude, the Kyra stuff didn’t even pop until after Podarkes. The Thaletes stuff was there, but dude. Boats. Can’t be bothered.

I USUALLY like to wrap up stuff but a) I hate boats and b) see previous discussion about not wanting to linger on this game. Especially for boats.

And yes, good characters, nice story, well done…and then she gave me busy work.

Seriously, mom. What else do I have to do, clean my room?

How much farther along are you?


I dunno, man. I had a lot of stuff before I killed Podarkes. I mean, first I went to his house and stole some stuff and found the doll and ran off without killing him. Then I went back later to kill him. I don’t know why, maybe his guards were too effective and I didn’t feel like dealing with them. Maybe finding the doll was the key. Anyway, whatever. We both got to somewhere.

I have finished all the stuff mom wanted me to do, and the Barnabas quest. So I’m that much further.

Oh, and if we want to be smart, we could think about how these couple of quests are showing us parents.

Podarkes, the absent, murderous father who rules an island with a much-resented iron hand. Myrrine, the absent yet still loving mother who rules an island with apparent skill and is widely (though not universally) admired. Kyra didn’t even know Podarkes was her father: Kassandra has been seeking her mother the whole game. Kyra still prepares a pyre for Podarkes: Kassandra still has to do chores for Myrrine.

Something about how family, the ties of blood, still have some kind of power in spite of anything the world can put in between…but also, those ties only go so far. Sometimes maybe the most you owe your father is hiring someone to kill him and then burning his body.


Ah yes. Smart stuff. We do that.

Hmm, see, I stole the doll, wanted to kill him cuz I was right there, but his guards were bastards, so I went next door to the fort, wasted a lot of time doing busy work, then came back.

I wonder what would have happened if we had told her about her father BEFORE we killed him. I didn’t. I guess we’d kill him anyway….cult and all.

The ties do bind. Look at the way that there’s still some desire from Mom and Kassandra to save Alexios, despite him being that nuts.

Another thread that runs through this game is people not knowing who their fathers are. Supideo. Kassandra. Kyra.

I wonder, does that go to the whole idea of not knowing if gods/weird aliens are real? There’s some themeage of not knowing where you come from, figuratively and literally. There’s ALSO a pattern of how “Where did I come from?” might just be better left unanswered.



True! The unknown father…which ties in with the whole Greek myth of some god or other fathering a child with a mortal woman. Which occasionally happens the other way around, with a goddess and a mortal man, but really the ones you hear about getting busy all the time with every attractive person in any conceivable guise are the gods.

Especially Zeus. No wonder he’s Naked: he knows he might (indeed, likely will) feel the urge at literally ANY MOMENT to cast his divine favor on someone, and who can spare the time to deal with garments?

So yeah, the unknown father SO EASILY might be not just some dude who molested or seduced some woman and then didn’t care to be involved with the results, but some GOD who molested or seduced some woman and then didn’t care to be involved with the results!


Uh….I wasn’t thinking of naked Zeus…per se….but I should’ve known you were.

I also like the idea that not knowing is a good thing. After all, my Supideo wound up a lot better than yours did, and mine never knew the truth. I have a feeling that Kassandra, upon finding who her real father is, isn’t going to be happy. Hell, the only one of the ubiquitous, identical temples (I’m going to be catty, so there) that we’ve seen defiled is Athena’s. God of Wisdom, all that.

It’s especially interesting as what you are doing in the game itself is research, right? “We” are really present day people trying to find shit out, asking questions, BIG questions about the very nature of all that weird shit you understand better than I do. The present day people are, in some way, looking for God in a very literal sense, trying to identify the things that lifted humanity up to its present form. Juxtapose that with a lot of narrative that seems to be saying “Don’t ask things, let sleeping dogs lie,” and we might have……

……dare I say it…..



You may not be thinking of Naked Zeus, but he may be thinking of you.

A strong contender for least appealing religious saying ever.

But yes, it’s true…are we really better off by knowing these things? Kyra wasn’t made happier by the knowledge of who her father was. Supideo gouged out his own eyes. Kassandra might well be left unhappy with the knowledge once she tracks down her own pater.

Maybe trying to track down our own “fathers” if we consider the Isu to be sort of spiritual parents in the real world (there are hints they aided the human race in its development) is only going to lead to misery.

And yet, the reunion between Kassandra and her mother was joyful. And even though Kyra wasn’t HAPPY about the relationship, it didn’t seem as if she was saying she’d prefer not to have known. Maybe even when knowledge about your parents is painful, it’s still worth having.


Dear god, woman.

But, well, tell that to Supideo about it being better to know. Remember, mine stayed blissfully ignorant and turned out FAR better than yours did. It’s rare we get to compare different results; we might as well. There, we have an explicit example of “knowing bad, ignorance good.”

I’m curious if tracking down the Isu is gonna be a bad idea. We probably won’t know in this game. We might not know for several games. Which means I may never know.


None of us may ever know. They could drag this out for decades.


Could? Will. Their E3 show is gonna be Assassin’s Creed and Just Dance fever dreams until we are in the home.


I would still be interested in checking out Just Assassinate. I feel there could be some interesting themes there.


As long as I can take out that fucked up panda.


Oh, the panda is the first thing to get assassinated.


T SHIRT!!!!!

This was an up and down day, wasn’t it?