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Spoilers for Minotaur Island stories in AC: Odyssey


So I moved the main story along! I raided a quarry and killed a guy and destroyed stag films. I mean silos. No, weed. Uh, war supplies? No….uh….this is important….weapon racks. That’s it. Big difference.

Big. Difference.

And I completed the quest. And leveled! That’s something!

And….yeah. That’s a main story mission.

*****long pause*****



I did not move the main story along, because I was busy rescuing Amara from a bandit camp. Amazingly, she was alive and unharmed and her father didn’t die during his ill-advised attempt to ‘distract’ the bandits by challenging them to come out and fight him (accompanied by dramatic “MOOOOOOs”–man, I kind of love that guy), so I was able to reunite a family AND I got the Prize of Pephka and a scary-looking Minotaur helmet/mask that is actually quite good armor (an epic head, man!), although I’m never going to wear it. Not my style. I rock the hoods/shrouds. It’s my assassin look.

But anyway, I’m all done with the fake Minotaur now, and I along the way I killed a bounty hunter who turned out to be the cultist that we learned long ago was “the lord of the Arena” or whatever, so I didn’t even have to go to the Arena to get him AND I bypassed almost an entire branch of the cult because he was the one in the inner circle and there are three other guys technically ahead of him on the clue trail that I can now completely ignore.


I’ll prowl around and look for the real Minotaur next. It’s gonna be great.


DUDE! I missed all of that? I thought I was the lucky one all “HA! Don’t have to do a quest! Moving right along!”

You got an inner circle guy just by accident? Dude.

So a happy ending. Hmm.


It was a very nice ending. And the game was very pointed about it, too. They guy said “my wife is waiting in [someplace]. Come with us and see what you’ve done: reunite a family.” And you cutscene right to the mother and daughter embracing, and they tell you they’ll have to flee the island now but at least they’re all alive and together.

The ‘family’ aspect was very much stressed. Somebody at some level of writing this is clearly conscious of the fact that there are a lot of family things going on in this game. We reunite families, Kassandra’s own family is scattered across the Greek world and largely lost to each other or estranged, we had Morkos and Phoibe as functional family and how that turned out, we have viewpoints on other families like Supideo and the two brothers…there’s stuff going on! The game as a whole is just so big that it’s hard to get a clear view of the interesting stuff going, what with the thickets of forts and captains blocking the sightlines.


Well, maybe. Maybe it’ll come together. But man, the main story….every time you think it’s gonna move, it doesn’t. We finally meet mom! And chores and boats. We finally get to Sparta! And….not much. I’ve seen a cutscene! That was a thing. But other than that?

All the momentous moments have been crashing bores.

Never a good thing.


I dunno, meeting mom the first time was kind of cool (even if the assignments she immediately gave us were nothing new). And the whole bit, long ago, where we discovered that Alexios was the Cult’s secret weapon or whatever, that wasn’t bad.

But yeah, it’s been a while since any plot-related moment really made me sit up and take notice.


Right! And, just when you’re all “Ooo this is about to get good” it doesn’t. It really, really doesn’t.

I’ll see if the next dudes I’m about to meet have anything good to say.


Oh, they will.

“I have important, thematically complex narrative to impart! But first, kill three captains in three forts.”


Most likely.

And what makes it all the worse is that Sparta is big, man. BIG. So there’s a lot of running about.

And it lacks for fast travel points. Though there is one by where I was last night. Maybe it’ll go faster for you if you magpied there.

Sigh. I should be playing. Why am I doing chores?

More importantly, why is most of my to do list in Mrs. McP’s handwriting?


She wants me to raid this fort……


She does! It’s very important to her.

You don’t want to let her down.


She doesn’t, really. But I think she wants to help me with the whole “forts are such a bad chore” thing because one thing she wrote on my list this morning was “deck poop.”

Not really what you want to wake up to.



By comparison, forts do seem relatively inoffensive.


It’s that kind of help from a spouse that has led us to these twenty years of happiness.

It inspires me to play, it does.

Now watch: the very next quest I get will be “There is poop on the fort’s deck. Go deal with it.”


I would not be surprised in the least.

Better play so you can find out!


I should. It will likely make me feel better about my own deck, because I bet the fort’s deck has three piles of poop.

When we started blogging, I never thought I’d type that sentence, but, in retrospect, I should’ve known it would come to this.


Yes…looking back over our long, storied career, it was all but inevitable.


Well, in order to preserve some semblance of sanity, played. And….not sure what to make of this.

The good news is that the quest I took did not have three things! The bad news is that it had a) a WHOLE lotta sailing and b) a serious, SERIOUS tonal shift that I’m not sure made any sense.

You’ll see when you get there.

Oh! And here’s a reason to start barreling on the main story! I’m right by not one but TWO tales of ancient Greece!

Kill that Minotaur and catch up!


Mm, sailing. I can’t wait.

Although I’m going to have to, since this Minotaur won’t slay itself.



And don’t forget the three, count ‘em, three things ya gotta do first!

You’re gonna love it. It’s gonna be great.



This is the greatest day of my life.