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No real spoilers


All right! Off to beachy scenic romance at long last!

But started yet another blue quest that is, yes, awesome. “The measure of a man.” Also in the place I am that you should go to. And do the stuff I’ve been doing.


So play a bunch this weekend. And by play I mean do the stuff I’ve been doing.

Or, wait, that’s so presumptuous of me. You’re married. Go do something romantic! Or something! Why should I have all the fun?

Nah, never mind. Do the stuff I’ve been doing.


I did the quarry last night. Nice of them to make the guy you were trying to kill one of the captains you had to kill for the location objective. I love efficiency.

Then I checked out a few question marks in the neighborhood. Did you talk to the woman in the village who wants you to escort her son to the agoge for training? That was somewhat interesting.

But go have fun! I’ll try to accomplish things in your absence.