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Very minor spoilers for AC: Odyssey


Well it’s Monday and I’m already burnt out.

I love life.

Didn’t play any more, so we can dish on the end of the Kassandra as god quest, or if you did a side quest with two dudes accusing each other of stealing from each other’s treasury we could talk on that. Oh, and scanning old news!


Here’s more:



Well, I’ll buy it.

My latest phone uses USB-C, so we’re already making that transition!


Oh we’re going to buy it. That’s a given. I just read these to give myself something to look forward to.


It is important to have things to look forward to. We’re going to be so excited a year from now, we’ll barely be able to type.

I’m glad they’re sticking with PS5 instead of giving it some new name. Continuity is fine, everyone. There’s nothing wrong with it.

Plus, as you mentioned, the cool V shape ties in so perfectly with the Roman numeral. They’d be fools to miss out on that.


I’m down with it just for the load times. I feel like I lose a huge chunk of game time just to loading this game.

“Hit X.” “Checking for additional content.” ****Butch goes and makes dinner**** “Still checking” ****Butch has a drink**** “OK, Main menu. Continue? Good.” ****Butch reads 1985749857 game tips.**** ****Butch falls asleep****

Though the SSD thing does kinda scare me. For it to be even close to affordable, how the hell are they gonna get a TB of space in there? If it ships with 500 gigs, and each game is at least 100, that’s a damn small drive, even if it is fast.

Makes me very nervous that the one thing we don’t know about this thing is how much it’s gonna cost.


Yeah…very true. And also true, if it comes with a small drive, how much will we have to spend on backup storage if we want to avoid having to delete all the game files as soon as we’re done with something, just to make space for the new thing? I mean, we have PS+, but if we didn’t? Maybe you kind of just have to have PS+ to make it workable. In which case, how much is the price of that going to potentially go up?

Not that we really ever do go back and play anything again, so in theory we could really just delete everything anyway…but we MIGHT. We MIGHT, damn it!

There’s DLC, I guess. I needed my Witcher 3 saves when I played the expansions. And heck, if there were another big expansion like the last ones, maybe I would play it! Aside from the giant robot vampire monster boss fight in the last one, I enjoyed them.


True. This is all very true.

But man….I’ll get it, don’t get me wrong. But I sure hope it ain’t north of five hundred bucks.

Not sure how I feel about those triggers, either.


I’m intrigued by the triggers, but yeah, we’ll have to see how it turns out. Sounds like something that could be kind of cool, or could be just gimmicky.


We’ll have to live with it whether we like it or not. Sigh.

OK, tried to get back to playing before the kids come home and I’m depressed.

Mopped up a bunch of question marks around the Olympics. Fine. All well. Then, the last one, leads to me having to visit (how many? Say it with me) three statues to get stuff. I open the map and I notice that I haven’t even BEEN to, like, 30% of the map. The things I need are places I haven’t even been. At all. Ever.

I’m 70 hours in.

Femmy…….I don’t want to play this game forever. I’m playing on easy. I’m doing quests. I’m not magpieing. I’m charging ahead.

And there’s STILL all these places I haven’t been.

Femmy…..I don’t want another 40 hours of this. We have to be getting close. Right? RIGHT?


It seems like we really must be!

I mean, once we’re done at the Olympics, we have to go win the war in Boeotia or wherever, which will certainly involve a bunch more people needing us to do three things, but that feels like it’s the final thing we have to do before returning to our rightful place in Sparta or whatever, so…we must be on the downhill side. Surely.


But….there’s still all that map….


Surely there are SOME portions of the map we don’t have to explore in great detail…? Surely.

I mean, there were some nice lands with no question marks at all that we sailed past on the way to the Bay of Hades, right? Some of the map must be just map.



It’s just….

Getting later into fall here. Been playing this since May.


So…looks like there are nine ‘episodes’ to the main story (each composed of multiple quests), and we’re in the middle of episode seven. Also, eight and nine don’t have nearly as much stuff in them. Nine looks like basically just wrap-up.

So we really are on the downhill side. We clean up this Olympics thing and the war in Boeotia thing, then we move on to whatever’s in episode eight which is going to be the big finale battles, and nine will be the closure as we enjoy warm cakes in a rose-covered cottage or whatever.

It’s gonna be great.


I don’t believe it. I won’t believe it.

Half of my damn cultists are still alive. I still haven’t even found Medusa or the other thing.

At least you have. If you have to do all this cultist new island bullshit, at least you have fast travel points. I’ll let you take care of it all for me. I like this game well enough, but I’m looking forward to something different.

Thank GOD Death Stranding looks different.

An AC game with a “wrap up.” That’s funny.


I’m beginning to think maybe you don’t actually have to kill all the cultists or the mythical monsters. It’s probably going to be one of those “your ending will be different depending on whether you did xyz, but either way you can get to an ending” things.

Possibly even the ending won’t be much different. Mom certainly doesn’t seem to care at all whether or not I completed dad’s thing. And dad never leaves Atlantis, so what’s he going to do? Send me a harshly-worded message via Ikaros?


He’ll make you do math homework. Kinda his thing.

I’ll take any ending. I’ll even skip warm cakes.