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Some minor spoilers for AC: Odyssey


To save us from Halloween costume discussion, played. And I am enraged.

I am so over this Akkadia nonsense. This bounty horseshit. I can’t fucking do anything without all these fucking bounty hunters showing up.

But first…..

Decided to try out the minotaur. Chipped and chipped for, like, ten, fifteen minutes. Got halfway there! The little mid boss cutscene! Never did that before! Felt good! I was in a groove! And then he changed all his attacks and I was out of the groove and survived for a while longer then didn’t.

And I said “Well, they better start me at the mid boss cutscene cuz if I have to do it all over again for fucking real fuck this game I’m out.”

So he continues to live.

So that wasted a good half hour.

Then off to find mom. This took forever cuz bounty hunters. LOTS of bounty hunters. Maybe I should’ve been killing bounty hunters all along.

Found where I was supposed to go, did a couple more clicks of quest (You didn’t think it would be “find her, get story, did you?”) got jumped a million more times.

And they weren’t even good fights! I was in this particular mess, and had to get to a particular place. It was down a shaft, water at the bottom, next thing is “explore the cave.” Fine. I run like holy hell, ride away on Roach, jump in, phew. A bounty hunter follows me down. I’m in a tunnel. So I chip and chip and realize if I jump into the pool of water and dive, the dumbass won’t know where I am, drift away, I can heal out of combat, repeat. Thousand times I jumped into that pool, dumbass never figured it out.

So chip chip, waste time waste time, but I kill him.

AS SOON AS I DO, the trumpet goes off and ANOTHER fucking mercenary has followed me down.

And THIS guy was a dumbass, too!

Chip chip, waste time waste time.

Get mad, save.

That was it.

Remember way back when, actually, during another mom quest, when we were peeved cuz they plopped a naval battle in the middle of it? Like they were saying “Hey, we made this mechanic, and you might be ignoring it so do it?” That was annoying. But this, this “We made these mercenaries and you might be ignoring it [YES GAME I WAS] so do it” is SO MUCH WORSE.

Fucking game.


Yeah, I’m a little bitter about that “starting all over from the beginning” thing on the mythical monsters. I think starting from the mid-fight tactic change would be fair. (Because spoiler, every one of them follows this pattern.) But no.

Man, I’m sorry about the frustrating game session. Bounty hunters add a spice of adventure to life, but no kidding, they can also be extremely annoying when they pop up while you’re in the middle of something else and have no good way to avoid them.

The hiding underwater trick is a good one, though. I’ve done that before.


WAAAAY too unforgiving. And they are fucking EVERYWHERE.

Though, like I said, I’ve been cheerfully ignoring all of them to this point. You probably killed a bunch of them already. I have not. This is silly.

And, in the “seriously, game?” department, a couple were higher in level than I am. Quest I’m here doing? Level 38. Bounty hunters that are interrupting me? Highest was 47.

Game, no.

And there’s some good stuff in this quest line! It just keeps getting interrupted by nonsense.

This game is going to waste every opportunity it has, isn’t it?

You know, as we are both on the same relative path story wise (I’m even a tad ahead of you), I’m going to keep on this. You can tell me all about dad. In my world, Medusa, Cyclops and Minotaur will get to sit around forever. They’ll have nice chats. Medusa and Cyclops will be sad that Minotaur has a battlebot named after him and they don’t. And, who knows? When they miss their friend Sphinx, and need a fourth for bridge, they might just call up Salty Bear.


Whoa, 47 to 42? With a bounty you can’t pay off? Come on, game. That’s harsh. There’s basically nothing you can do with that kind of level discrepancy except run off, so throwing into the middle of story content is basically just saying “ignore the plot, go mess around somewhere else and get some more levels.”

And you ALREADY DID THAT WITH THE MINOTAUR, game. Cut Butch a break, why don’t you.


I know! Or TRY to run away.

It’s nice when I remember I have the horse. The horse is good at getting one away from bounty hunters, who, thankfully, never seem to have horses. But every time I do that I a) get lost, b) wind up way the fuck away from the quest objective and c) run into more bounty hunters.

Oh and I have a bow that makes things poison! I must’ve gone to Mt. Zas, too! But it was only level 29. I upgraded it, though, and that’s kinda handy! Not as cool as fire, but I gotta start somewhere.


Nice! Poison is a good start!

Maybe the person who wrote the info on the internet found it at a higher level or something.

Poison is handy. Not fire, but still handy.


Still. Not gonna make much difference against a Minotaur.

Stupid Minotaur.


No, probably not. I mean, it’s worth a shot! Extra damage! But yeah, not gonna turn it from a long hard fight to a short easy fight.


Stupid Minotaur.


Yeah, he was a jerk.


Oh here’s a thing:


That’s instantly on my radar. Romance? Musical? Head writer of Dragon Age? Top notch acting?

A video game musical. Why not?


Interesting! OK, if they make it, I’m in.

We were saying, at some point, that more games should involve singing contests. This could be close.