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No spoilers


Well, I got nothing on the game we are currently playing, so let’s talk about what we’re playing next.

So Death Stranding sounds….well….I guess it depends on who you ask. I can certainly see how the creative, artsy nature of it is right up our alley, but…..I dunno. Read some reviews. They’re worth reading. It certainly sounds like a thing, and perhaps a thing that we’d be far more interested in if a bunch of other things weren’t already things…

…but there are other things.

I dunno, man. Ponder. Though, given all we’ve done lately, and our mutual desire for variety, I might vote Outer Worlds.

But ponder. We’ll discuss.

I mean, read this review and try to tell me what the fuck it is and if it’s good:



Uh…hm. It sounds very interesting…but that “long and grueling”…I don’t know if that’s what I’m in the mood for right after finishing a very long (if not necessarily grueling) game.



I concur. Shall we consign it to the maybe later pile?

So what do we play? You cool with outer worlds?


Outer Worlds looks fun, and it’s probably been long enough since I last played a Fallout-esque game that I could get back into it. But I might have to play Divinity… Mr. O’ has mentioned the possibility a couple of times, so it’s on his mind. He was kind of disappointed when I started Detroit.

Outer Worlds is supposed to be much shorter, which is kind of appealing after Odyssey, but I don’t know if I can resist the sad puppy dog eyes of my spouse who wants to play a game with me.


Oh all right. He’s ready to start and y’all will finish?


Yeah, I know, the danger is that we start and then because of the having-to-both-be-free issue with scheduling, it could take us a while to finish.

But I swear, I’m going in with a different approach for my character this time! All business! No need to obsessively murder every captain I see!

It’s going to be great.

But yes, he’s ready to go as soon as I’m done with Detroit. And naked Zeus knows we both like our game time.


Just as long as our bloggage does not fall victim to the fickle whims of Mr. O. I’ll go order it.


Ok, I will have DOS2 the enhanced edition, whatever that means, tomorrow. Is your edition enhanced? It was all anyone had.

On sale, too!

When did you buy it? Christmas?


Noooo!!!! Ours is only the “Definitive” edition! And it wasn’t on sale!



Oh. Maybe that was it.

Yup. Definitive.

But only 20 bucks.

When did you buy it?


Whoa! Pretty sure I paid more than that. Nice.

I bought it in July for some reason. Planning ahead for Christmas but couldn’t wait? Late anniversary? I don’t remember.

Maybe it WAS on sale at the time. It’s a mystery.