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Spoilers for Detroit: Become Human


Well, for the first time in some time, I got nothing. Yesterday was HALF DAY TUESDAY, Nugget has been awful at bed time, waking up in the night, I had no energy left for anything but scotch and hockey. But that’s cool, because it made me think of the game we’re playing! Cuz intoxication and hockey.


See, you do not watch sports. I know this about you. I know you well enough to know that your interest in sports ranks slightly lower on your list of interests than your interest in pocket lint. Frankly, no one has to know you all that well to know that about you.

But I, your blogmate, someone you, at least, tolerate am a sports fan. Mr. O, your husband and the father of your children, is not only a sports fan, but was a pretty good athlete back in the day and is still probably able to represent in pankration even though he’s in his forties. You may not like sports, but you like sports fans. At least two of them.

And yet, video games, at least video games that aren’t sports games like Madden, portray sports fans as drug addled, drunken, useless, abusive slobs.

Todd is watching hockey. You can even look at the TV and watch hockey for a while. The abusive, drunken father in Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit (remember that)? sat around all day watching sports. Testikles was a buffoon.

And what’s with that? I was sitting down yesterday with a drink and a hockey game all “Man, what a day, at least I can chill now with this drink and this hockey game and I feel like I’ve seen something like this rather recently and HEY WHAT THE FUCK GAME!!!!”

So I’ll ask you. You treat sports with ambivalence, if not disdain, but you do know that not all sports fans are abusive, useless slobs. So how did watching sports become a shorthand for lazy, drunken, useless, abusive slob?

Seriously, game. If you just watched a little hockey, learned the strategies you might like it oh never mind.


That’s an interesting question. I don’t know if video games are unique in having this shorthand for sports fans–it’s kind of a pop culture trope, isn’t it? Fat, lazy, beer-guzzling sports fans. You see them in movies, in TV shows, in books…in bars…(ha, sorry, couldn’t resist).

I think that “the game” kind of represents “the thing in life that this guy [almost always a guy] can be bothered to/is socially allowed to actually care about.” It’s an outlet for emotions.

Also, from a narrative standpoint, it’s a universally understandable, always available, fairly meaningless thing that someone can be shown sitting down to watch on TV, so it’s easy.

If we see Todd sitting down to watch, I don’t know, “The Walking Dead,” then that’s particular information about him as a person. He likes zombie shows, he follows pop culture, whatever. It’s a specific fact about him. Whereas “liking sports” (or even just following sports enough to make casual conversation about them) is a common enough character trait that it tells us, really, nothing about Todd or any other person (at least, a male person: caring about sports is still considered unusual enough among women that sitting down to watch the game would be more of a specific, particular thing to know about a female character).

It’s easy, it’s lazy, but it’s also plausible enough that no one will really question it. What else is Todd going to sit down and do that will get the point across that he’s a loser? Read a book? Not a stereotype for druggies! Play a video game? Another cultural ‘loser’ shorthand, but less commonly seen IN video games. Watch something else mindless on TV? Then you have to decide what, and think about why he’s watching it, and what it says about him…does he like cooking shows? Court TV? Law and Order? If you just show him watching a game of some major sport, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

Watching sports says nothing much about a person, because who DOESN’T “like sports”? I mean, besides women. (Yes, many women do in fact like sports. But it’s culturally less common, and it’s much more acceptable to not care about sports if you’re a woman, whereas you might get weird pushback as a man who doesn’t care about sports.)

“Liking sports,” or at least “watching sports on TV,” is just a thing men do, in popular culture. It’s pretty much expected in many circles. And yet, it undeniably also takes up a lot of time that could be perhaps more productively spent, and so “watching sports on TV” is shorthand both for “thing guys do hanging out being sociable” and “thing guys do wasting their lives.”

Maybe, like drinking, watching sports is seen as kind of pathetic when you’re alone, but fine and normal with a group?


Fair. I suppose it is kind of a vanilla “thing on TV.”

It’s still lazy shorthand, and a lazy detail. More proof that Todd was too much of a caricature. WAY too much of one.

How much farther ahead of me are you? Have you finished the thing?


I’m some distance ahead. Does it really matter? Who can keep track of how many chapters we’ve completed, anyway? I’ve done a considerable number of chapters, but I honestly don’t know how many.


Well I’ll play some now! Catch up.


Well. That was creepy as hell. Glad the kids didn’t see THAT.


If they can just take the little LED thingy off, why don’t they do that more often? What’s stopping Kara? What’s stopping any of them?

And what did I miss? I got all the parts, I checked all the parts, I got through all the things, I climbed, I passed every QTE….and yet there was stuff on the flow chart I missed. The fuck else was there? Could you talk to things? Find more things? Did you find a lot of things?

So I guess we’re setting up the “Character you really liked cuz he was a gentle, kind, artistic dude is now maybe evil maybe not and you’ll have to decide if you still like him” thing, aren’t we?

You know, that “thing.” Which is so common I should have a more concise way to describe it.


The junkyard of dead and dying androids? Creepy, right? And very effectively so, I thought. The dragging movement, the blurry vision that clears once you finally find another eye, the darkness, the BODY PARTS everywhere good lord so creepy.

I think I might have missed talking to some androids too. I met the one who told me to find Jericho, and wandered around some who were muttering. Oh, and one who said “kill me,” so, thinking of Hippokrates and how disappointed he would be, I did. Kassandra would be totally cool with it.

I don’t remember if the flowchart was completely filled in for me, though.

As for possibly evil, I don’t know…I definitely had a moment of thinking “Leo better watch out!” but on reflection, I don’t think Leo is really what he’s interested in. Evil? No… But politically aware? Definitely. Markus is free and is now deeply interested in android freedom and is rising from the grave to…think about that. In some as-yet-unspecified way.

At least, that’s how it came across to me. Much more a “here is a face of the movement,” than “here is someone on a personal vengeance quest.” Although I’m trying to think why I got that impression…there was the “there’s a place we can be free!” thing from that one dying android, I think that was pretty much what steered my expectations in that direction. The scene encourages concern more with freedom for “us” than with unjust treatment to Markus personally. Or so I felt. Mostly.

I mean, as I say, I did have that “Leo should watch his back!” thought as well, but I mostly dismissed it.


And how the sound changed! Put the ear in, and it’s all silent, like the static is clearing, but no, that was just loading cuz after all that BOOM the nightmare sounds of the junkyard/graveyard.

My flowchart wasn’t filled in. And Jericho was a plot point, cuz it seemed to be unmissable on the flow chart. Thank you, flashback plot droid!

You know more than I do. You do.

But “face of a movement?” Maybe “potential future face of the movement.” No one really knows who he is yet, after all.

But I just did the next longassed chapter and boy am I confused.

There have got to be multiple Connors. Or fixed Connors. Cuz my Connor died (twice, my shame), and your Connor died in the opening sequence and there’s no way this whole chapter just plain doesn’t happen. This chapter, Anderson and Connor teaming up, was gonna happen. And yet, we both saw Connor die (though I reloaded so he didn’t. Twice. My shame).

So much going on!

So what did Kara’s “deviant file” say for you? I had “Todd what’s his name reported his android attacked him, she had just come from repairs, and she had had a history of aggression in the past (that is likely bullshit). I also see there is a missing “sex bot.” Ah, David Cage, we knew you’d go there eventually.

Anderson, thus far, is a pretty well done character. I like Clancy Brown’s acting in the first place, and he’s doing well here. It’s needed, too, cuz the “mismatched cop partner” trope is a trope.

But what’s with that Amanda? Weird garden? Did you find the weird rock with the hand? Of course you did.

There’s no way we’re just leaving the hinterlands here, though, is there? This can’t all have been set up. Damn game’s supposed to be 14 hours long, right? We gotta be a good chunk through. And yet, this seems like “OK, gotten to know everyone? Good? And now the main story.”


I do know more than you, but like I said, that IS how I felt about it at the time. (It’s entirely possible I could have been/was wrong!)

But yeah, I think there are multiple Connors, so you’re going to get certain Connor-related plot points no matter what. I had another instance later on where I thought “OK, he’s out,” and then…back he came. So I think they just have a bunch of them and keep sending another one as needed. Apparently, though, they upload their memories to a shared drive, because I know mine died in the first scene, and yet he still referenced his experience trying to negotiate with that deviant later on. That individual instance of Connor obviously wasn’t there…but apparently he still remembered it from the shared Connor memory file.

Or so I assume. It hasn’t exactly been spelled out, but that’s what I’m figuring.

Amanda! Weird garden! Weird, right? That’s got to be some kind of virtual space. Those weird rocks, the weird 2D kind of look of some of the structures…

As for the reports, dude, I accidentally hit “scan all reports” while trying to read about Carl and ZOOP! they all disappeared. I didn’t get to read what it said about Kara, OR Markus. Siiiiigh. Presumably, for Kara, something like “man found dead, android missing,” but I don’t know.


Hmm. Or they repaired Connor? Or something?

I still can’t figure out how the skin works. It comes and goes? Or something?

DUDE! Do not scan reports! You missed the picture of the sex bot. Ahem.

What was weird about Markus’ file was that it didn’t have his picture, just a black outline. It was all “Murder,” “Subject destroyed,” “case closed,” so maybe they don’t have pictures of closed cases? Or maybe it’s a convenient plot hole?

Calling it: If you know don’t spoil: Amanda is an android. And has TB.


No one ever sees TB coming! Except you.