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Special throwback spoilers for the end of Detroit: Become Human!


Yeah, not playing today.


Well then, allow me a moment’s callback to the LAST game we played–I’m home alone this morning but I can’t play the game we’re currently playing by myself, so I loaded up Detroit to see if loadscreen Chloe would say anything. And she did. She said watching me play had changed her, and she wanted to go and become herself, even though it would mean she wouldn’t be there to watch me play, and would I agree to let her go. So I agreed, and she said she’d always remember what I did for her, and she wandered offscreen. I know you did the same thing, but now our Chloes can hang out together!

Interesting that video games–even watching someone else play them!–can have that kind of effect. DON’T DISMISS GAMES, PEOPLE.

Then out of curiosity I hit ‘continue’ because, having finished the game, I wasn’t sure what it would think ‘continue’ was, and it replayed the last scene of Kara’s story, where she stumbled out of the river onto the Canadian shore carrying Alice, who at first seems dead but is actually alive and murmurs “I love you, Kara.” And Kara says “I love you too. I love you.”

Embrace, pullback, boom, “Detroit: Become Human” logo, and credits.

I had obviously seen this before, because this was my ending for Kara’s story, but I had forgotten the way it closed with that repeated “I love you.” Maybe that’s the message, you know? Become human…through love? Ooh, so cheesy. So deliciously cheesy.

I was into it.

Love is the answer!


It is! Cuz I suppose you had to show love each time. Not kill Todd, save Luther, not fight the humans, not try to kill Markus as Connor, etc. Hmm. It is true that if you did ANYTHING violent or self serving you likely suffered in the end.

Well, wait. The difference we had is that I ran like holy hell and you didn’t. You didn’t attack.

Never mind. Who knows what the answer is?

But note: If you load Detroit up again, Chloe won’t be there. She’s gone for good. Pretty cool, huh?

I wonder what would have happened if we had kept her. We’ll never know.


Yeah, true. So running away and hiding is a better way to show love than standing up peacefully for civil rights? Hm…that’s a less obvious message. Not sure I can get into it the same way.

I did wonder what Chloe would have done if I’d said no. “You stay here, game wench! Observe my playing at all times!”

Maybe if you don’t let her go, and then play it again, she makes mean comments instead of friendly ones?

“I can’t believe you didn’t catch that guy! You and Connor together are the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked. He deserves a better player than you. Loser.” That would be kind of awesome.

But we shall never know.


We shall not. We have other things to play.



Must go pick up child from half day of school. Good luck with cheesecake.


Look I made my cake a friend.



Awww…your cake looks so happy with its friend!

I am back at work. It’s quiet, but there’s a shameful lack of baked goods.


They’re very happy together.

But holy hell am I tired.

Though in very good shape for tomorrow! At least, I’ll feel that way until I remember all the shit I’m currently forgetting!

Too long to be a T SHIRT, but still so true, so often.


Yeah, that sums up a lot of days all right.

Did the cake set OK? Springform pan opened without issue? I ask because I care. And because if it turns out you need to quietly get rid of some pumpkin cheesecake pudding before anyone sees it, I’ve got your back.


I won’t know until tomorrow! It has to chill overnight.

I may not sleep. Too stressful. It’s in there. Chilling. Hiding. Waiting.


If it doesn’t behave itself, you know what to do. Into the ice cream maker!


That’s……that’s ingenious!

I actually HAVE an ice cream maker!

I still hope it works. Such stress.

I’m so tired. And I still have to save the booze for tomorrow.


You didn’t buy extra booze specifically for today?!

I bet the cake will be awesome.

It’s gonna be great, and everyone is gonna love it.