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Some spoilers for Fort Joy in Divinity: Original Sin 2


Got some playing in. I forgot how long D&D fights can be.

But fight I did. Well, talked to Emmie the dog. She missed Buddy. Poor Buddy.

Got the houndmaster’s bow. MUCH better.

Then spend about a thousand years trying to kill the nasty, sadistic magistrar. You know the one. Had the face ripper. Didn’t expect to find that so early. That fight kinda sucked, especially as I didn’t have anything left from the last fight.

But win I did and now Fane has his doohickey and Sebille is using twin daggers called Abstinence and Chastity. HA!

And then I found the passage that I think is going to the dude’s soul jar. Good to have Fane around when you need to shut down poison gas traps. He doesn’t care!

And called it a day cuz the tree people showed up. Not elves. Landscapers.

Not bad. But frequent death kinda spoils narrative progress.

That fight was HARD, man. Does it get kinda sorta easier? I haven’t had an easy fight in ever.


Yeah, these fights are long. So long. They get…I don’t know, the past couple of fights we’ve done pretty well. But sometimes dying first and then going back in more strategically is key, and when it takes a long time to even lose a fight, that can still be a major time commitment.

Yes! The soul jar quest is beyond the poison gas! Fane was SO helpful there. And even the gas was helpful once we were through it, because it heals Fane so he was able to go freshen up after a battle!

Fane’s face ripper did seem a bit early, but…see how you feel about what he does with it. And in our game, Fane also has the twin daggers, since he’s the rogue. Fane gets it all!

OK, so also a tip: it’s totally worth being where you are because of the soul jar quest, but this is not the way out. The way out is…poke around in the general area where you fought the torture-Magister, there with the meat golems right? It’s on that level, in that general part of the dungeon.

Also, so what about that torturer? Pretty grim, eh? Not a fan of the Magisters.


Boy, it can be a time commitment. I’ve gotten to the point, though, where I can pretty much know if it’s going to go bad, if I’m in the wrong starting position, etc., and I just quick load. No need to wait for the inevitable.

It was nice having that gas there! I’ve also learned that a great trick with him during combat is isolate him (key) and then have him chuck a poison grenade right at his feet. Very handy, especially if he’s being attacked.

Sebille is my rogue. Fane is pretty much my wizard these days. Lohse is the ranger, Beast is, well, the Beast.

Do not name yourself Beast if you do not want to be a D&D tank.

I saw that area. Dude getting whipped? By a boat? Went the other way cuz I wanted the soul jar.

What’s upstairs? There’s a door to the main floor. That looks like certain death. You do it?

Not one bit a fan of the magisters. Which is interesting considering the metaphor, here. Whether you buy my interpretation or not, they are trying to “cure” people of Source. And yet….

One thing that I found interesting in there was that every corpse you can eat (I’ve been eating them before I even pick them up so I don’t forget) was a corpse of a very happy person. Every memory was sunshine and family and singing and hearty ale. Every one. Not a sad, troubled person in the bunch. Now, that could just be a picture of the dude’s sadism, but it was striking in that no one in our party is happy. All six playable characters have ISSUES, man. Issues.

Who knows, though. Maybe the only thing their legs would remember is playing the lute or something. But it was odd.


I keep saving peoples’ flesh to eat later, when I need healing. (Although I stopped eating it mid-combat, because I don’t seem to get a memory when I’m in battle.) Then I forget where it came from. But the last person I ate was not happy at all, I got a memory from right before the battle that apparently resulted in their death, so…as you say, it’s interesting that all the people torture-guy dismembered and left lying around were happy, when–judging by ourselves–happiness is not necessarily the natural state. Certainly not for people being held in a prison camp.

Maybe this “cure” works better on happier people for some reason? Perhaps they’re more willing to let go of the Source (or their delusions, in your theory)? I haven’t yet learned anything about exactly how people are chosen for the cure…from the way the Magisters were talking around the fort, everyone will go eventually, but what determines who’s picked first, I don’t know. Maybe they just wander around looking for the people who seem least miserable?

Or maybe it’s a coincidence. Perhaps time will tell.



But I made progress! I’m out of Fort Joy!

Rather backwardsly, though.

I went and found the source jar. I busted the source jar. Seemed the right thing to do. Then I went upstairs. Did you go upstairs? I’ll let you know if you didn’t and want to know.

Then upstairs went pear shaped and I had to flee, but I only had Sebille in the fight cuz she’s the sneaky one. So Sebille wound up WAAAAY back in the courtyard. So, as I was there, I checked in on Whittemore, figuring he was going to help us flee the fort if we freed his soul. But no. Dead. Totally dead. Crying kid. So he’s no help. I made a kid cry for nothing, didn’t I? What did I do wrong?

So I schlepped back (or just Sebille did) through slug land and met up with the rest of the party all “‘Sup,” and got on the boat after fighting the dudes. Boom!

Then talked to everyone, got info, as one does. Wandered a minute and found a sewer pipe that led right back into the crazy guy’s lab, so I could’ve just gone out that way because fuck.

But ate a dude and got a memory of “Alexander sure looks different in that Source collar than he did the last time I saw him at school……”

So THAT’S a thing.

But you likely knew that.

Then pulled some faces off and called it a day.


Oh man, yeah, sorry I forgot to answer that question about the upstairs! We did not go upstairs to the main floor from the dungeon. We avoided that. Went out on the boat with the kid, and then discovered the sewer pipe right next to where the kid dropped us off that went right back into the dungeon.

Look at it this way, you can now get in and out of the dungeon anytime!

Oh, and it took us a weirdly long time to find this, so make sure you walk all around in that area until you hit the waypoint. There’s one pretty much right outside the sewer pipe there where we first ended up, but somehow we walked right past it two or three times, thinking “why isn’t there a waypoint out here?” before we finally veered to the side enough to discover it.

Don’t be like us. Make sure you get that waypoint on your map.


Ah! I was wondering about a way point.

Do you WANT to know what I found upstairs? There was stuff up there….


Oh, we went back there later. Killed a bunch of Magisters. Found a bunch of giant portraits of Alexandar. Good times.


Ah, so the trial and all that?

Are you WAAAAAAY ahead of me? I’m playing here!


We’re not that far ahead of you, but yes, we saw the trial and learned that the “Source cure” turns people into those gross Silent Monks. No thank you!

Definitely, definitely not a fan of the Magisters.

So we killed them all. At this point, we’ve killed every Magister in Fort Joy. Spoiler: once you’ve escaped, they’re going to be hostile to you when you go back (assuming they weren’t from you’re having been in the fort), so be prepared. Also be prepared for the possibility that if you get into a fight with them, any potential companions in the area will join in the fight on your side–which is good, because assistance!–but potentially bad if, say, you haven’t bothered to give that person any good gear, and they die instantly.

I am not actually sure whether or not you can resurrect companions who aren’t actively in your party…we reloaded that particular fight for other reasons and didn’t get a chance to try. But again, just something to be aware of.


Oh dear. Oh, very much dear.

Prince and Ibn don’t have shit. I barely have enough decent gear for the folks I’m running with. Beast and Sebille don’t even have proper armor. Sebille’s entire defense is a pair of gloves. Gloves.

And Ibn is right there! In the square!

Do you lose them forever if they croak out of combat?

This isn’t good.

Maybe the fact that Griff and all his dudes are alive will help.

So did you figure out what was up with Whittemore?


Yeah, Ifan right there in the square was the one we were worried about. In the end, he survived (naturally we wound up getting in a fight right there), but I don’t know if you lose them forever if they die in a fight when they’re not in your party, or if you can bring them back. I would be nervous to risk it.

Our approach was to go back in kind of bit by bit…first we fought with the two guards at the gate, which didn’t attract attention from anyone else, then we waited until that one guy and his dog were out of sight of everyone, etc.

But the four in front of the keep, they don’t really move around, and Ifan is right there, so…yeah. As I said, he survived when we did it, and that was before we’d given him a damn thing, so it’s possible. But maybe just approach with caution, is all.


I always do. Except when I don’t.

All about sneaking.

Though I kinda love when you sneak inside and it makes you a bush. No one would suspect that at all.


Yes! The sneaking is so goofy. I was sneaking around under a rock last night. Because a rock moving around won’t attract anyone’s attention!


Nor will the bush that appeared at the top of the stairs.

“You plant that Kevin?”


“Probably? I certainly didn’t mow over there.”