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No spoilers


Well, I got nothing. I have a cold, does that count?

Oh, and I’m about to have a heart attack as today is the day I pay the Amex bill with the lion’s share of Xmas on it. I’ll try to be out of the hospital in time to play. And I hope to not have to hock the PS4.

Wish me luck.

Dear God the Thanksgiving groceries are on it, too……


Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

Is any of the booze on that bill still stashed around the house? Break that out now.

Oh, who am I kidding, there’s no booze left from Thanksgiving.


Dear heavens no. And if I break out the booze I do have, I’ll just be reminded it’s on NEXT month’s bill!

I’m doomed.


It’s an endless game of catch-up, all right.

Unless…you make your own booze. This is where the pear brandy comes in! Curse that bad pear harvest last year.


I’m desperate enough that I’m sure I could turn up something to ferment and distill. Clementine peels. I have a lot of those. That half a bag of spring mix that’s gone slimy that I always seem to have. Acorns. There were a lot of acorns this year.


Here are a couple of acorn wine recipes:


And a long thread from a home-distillers group: https://homedistiller.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=32652&start=12

Both of these assume some level of experience/equipment that we’ll probably have to work up to.

Here’s an easier one for acorn liqueur, but of course that requires already having some booze around: http://www.buildthebottle.com/2019/12/17/acorn-liqueur-recipe/


If anyone can work it out, we can.

Oh, and planning:

Got a five buck coupon at best buy. Are we agreed that we’re going ahead and preordering Cyberpunk? Cuz if we are I’ll go ahead and do that cuz you know how I am about coupons.


Cyberpunk, eh? All right, I’m in. Order submitted! I don’t have a coupon, but I’ll rake in those Amazon points.