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Spoilers for Mordus fight in Divinity: Original Sin 2


Hahahaha I thought I might be rushed into endgame.

I’m a doofus. There is no endgame.

You play?


Yeah. That fight was OK for us. One try, no one died. Then we poked around a bit in the rest of the cave system and ended up fast-traveling back to Driftwood so we could sell some loot. We still have to go back and check out outside the cave.

Oh, and Sebille leveled despite having been dead most of that interlude, so you definitely get XP even if you’re not alive for it.

Oh, and I ate Mordus’ rotten void-organ and now we can store two Source points. Then I let him go, even though he’s clearly monstrously evil. I told him I would!


One try…..one…..try……

Even after he turned into the spider demon thingy?


HOW? I was dying even before he changed! You turn down the difficulty or something?

Maybe the game was pitying you for the whole controller debacle.

Did you explore the big room near the exit? With the hatch going down?

One fucking try.

And HA! We did the same deal with the organ and the source. Did you both have to choose to do it? Or could you make different choices? What was particularly interesting is that it appeared that Lohse’s head thing wanted her to eat it. Very much. This makes me ponder.

And themes: I still hold, this is a game about addiction. Our characters are in a sanity/addicted delusion. Source is a metaphor for drugs/booze. It eases Sebille’s pain, makes Beast strong, makes Lohse sing.

Deathfog is, for all intents and purposes, sobriety. The “cure” that these characters don’t want in the real world. It brings the void, a scary emptiness that the PCs don’t want to face. The ghosts in the cave? They were eaten alive by the void, went through great pain, but now they are free. Some even kicked their “bodies” with derision as if they didn’t like what they were when they were “alive.”

Mordus, in real life, IS a bad guy, someone who is supposed to be helping cure real life people, but, behind his “leaders” backs, gives them drugs, gives them what they need to become even more dependent on source. He’s nurse that sneaks extra pills, the doctor who writes too many scrips.

And I have a pretty fucking good idea as to what the Big Climax is gonna be, and it fits right into the metaphor.

Anyhoo, poke around outside the cave, see if you can find out more than I did.

Then I went and did a thing that’s gonna lead to other things, scouted ahead to find a big chicken, and found all sorts of other dudes that made me say “Endgame? HA!”

You’re gonna love it. It’s gonna be great.


I AM gonna love it!

Spider demon? He never turned into anything that we saw. Maybe we beat him up too quickly?

I’d wonder if it was the same fight, but… Mordus, deal to learn about Source, eating a rotten organ… Sounds like the same battle, all right.

Maybe the game did take pity on us because of the controller thing.

Yes, we found the hatch, some extra loot, fought a probably very unhappy shark. Oh man, I just remembered I forgot to talk to those crabs! Siiiiiiigh.


Dude. Just….

Halfway through, he was all “thank you sourcerers for giving me the source I need to become mord zakim!” and turned into this huge spider death thingy.

You would’ve seen. It. Sucked.

But yes. Mordus? Some possessed dudes? Rotten organ? Check.

Maybe cuz no one died? Maybe he took the source from a dead character.

You and the game are now even.


Ah!–that would kind of make sense, if he took Source from a dead character. Hm. Lucky for us Lohse held up despite the fire.

Yeah, we’re even now.


Dude it was awful. But hey! At least I know what he was talking about when he was all “master will grant me the ritual of big assed death spider demon!”

Or whatever it was called.


Yeah, that part was a little confusing. We thought it was just blustering. Like when something is stuck on a tower or something but still keeps saying “I’m coming for you!” even though it can’t get near you.


Sadly no. Very sadly no.

I’m in a farm. Diseased chicken. Evil scarecrow. Witch. Cows.

Game is big.


Yeah, we ran into the evil scarecrows a while ago. Ran off after they killed us instantly. What level are they? Maybe we could go back. We attempted the Black Pit last night, but they’re still too tough for us there.


The wha….

I just explored a witch’s cellar and turned a cow back into a woman. That was easy. And can’t figure out how to warm up a sick chicken. Maybe I should introduce her to a flaming pug.

Black pit?

Did yo go back to the meistr? Cuz I’m drifting to where I have to go for that.


Ah… The sick chicken. Yes. That was interesting.

We went back to the Meistr, mostly to take advantage of the Source cooler in the basement. She said we need to talk to more Sourcerers so we can channel more Source. So it’s out into the world again.

The Black Pit is the place those paladins we met when we first got here (or at least, we did in my game, maybe they weren’t actually one of the first places one goes by default) told us to check out. Weird stuff going on there, evil shenanigans, the usual.


Were these the ones all “yeah….don’t take that bridge going east…..”. Cuz I met those guys.

Then went west.

I can’t make heads or tails of the chicken. If you solved it, you’re better than I am.

Ah, so you’re off to cloister wood. To find more root?

I am drifting that way. I have a waypoint there, but there’s so many chickens and shit to find….


We’ve been in Cloisterwood! We found black root! Then we got ourselves thoroughly killed by everyone we met and headed back over to where we fought the possessed dwarves and found the cave we just got out of.

That was a bit ago. It may be different now.


I have no root!

So did you do more ritual? Cuz I sure didn’t cuz no root.


We haven’t done the ritual again, because…I don’t know, it hasn’t really come up. I mean, is there a particular reason we need to do it again that we know about right now? The Meistr hasn’t said anything about it when we’ve visited her since, and so we’ve kind of just been holding onto it in case we need it later. I know there was a quest about it, but I kind of thought that was just if you accidentally ate or sold the root the Meistr had in the basement and needed more to do the ritual in the first place.

I may have misunderstood.


Oh I don’t know. After I finished up in the cave, the quest and Lohse both were like “I should go do the ritual again,” in that way that games do that basically says “DUDE DO THE RITUAL AGAIN.” I needed to go back to restock anyway, so I went back, restocked, dealt with the guy in the tavern and his lost supplies quest, and was right there, so I went to the Meistr and she was all “You must to the ritual again! Except I’m fresh out of black root….well this is awkward…” (I added that last bit) and off I went to find black root by way of chickens and cows and all sorts of other distracting shit. I have since found out that the black root I need to get is in cloisterwood, which means it’s likely the blackroot you already have. Or not. Who knows?

So I don’t know. The only reason the ritual seemed important was that the game was making it seem important. I’m really only drifting towards Cloisterwood because it seems to be the only way to drift without dying in nasty ways.

Though maybe I’m tough enough for the graveyard now? I dunno. I guess I’ll just keep drifting towards Cloisterwood.

Where are you guys on the map?


Oh, huh…I guess we missed that in the midst of looting. Although it does sound vaguely familiar now you mention it. In the cave? Hm…yeah. Maybe we do need to do it again. The Meistr totally didn’t mention it when we went back to fill up at her Source water cooler, but maybe she thought it should have been obvious.

I suppose it might make sense that every time we get another Source point, we go back and talk to the gods or whomever again.

Just wander around in the woods, we stumbled on the Blackroot without even really looking. It’s there somewhere. I think we were looking for the witch–do you have a red flag that says ‘witch’? Wander around that area and you may find the root.

And the witch, much good may she do you. She hasn’t done us any so far.