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Spoilers for Peeper story in Divinity: Original Sin 2


I did some. Found black roots. Met the ferryman. Got killed by him. And the lizard in the ruins. And an abomination.

But solved a puzzle and freed a lich.

What could go wrong?


Oh yeah, the lizard in the ruins. She killed the heck out of us. We couldn’t even get anywhere near her, and she wouldn’t talk to us.

I’m not sure we met a lich, but we ran into some elves.

Did the ritual again. You were right, we needed to do that.

Also lost Peeper again, after a long grueling fight we were no way in hell going to do again, so he’s gone. Looted his body for a Source orb. Rest in peace, little void chicken.


You missed very little with peeper. Unless you’d really miss a fight where you almost get killed by chickens because you’re too stupid to realize they’re spawning not teleporting.


Lots of source orbs though.

The lich is under the building in driftwood where you found those two dudes behind the walk long ago. You need that eye for the skull lock.

I’ll do the ritual next.


Oh yeah, the skull with the missing eye! I remember that. We looked at it and then wandered off.


Well now you can use it and do a puzzle and a fight and free a lich!

Lucky you!

Oh and learned the hard way: you can learn skills that need source! That cool healing steam I got? Needs source. Who knew?