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Spoilers for stuff in Reaper’s Coast area in Divinity: Original Sin 2



So tried to do that awful fight again. Thought I had it. Killed a bunch of the thingies, damaged her, then Beast got out of combat somehow, and then Ifan did, and then Sebille and Lohse died. The last thingies chased Beast, so I killed them. I was all “WHOO HOO! OK, only her. I’ll just go in and revive Lohse and Sebille and fight her and it’s on!”

So I did. And she immediately summoned another six thingies. And I had no healing.


So she lives.

So I went back to Ryker with my tablet. He’s all “Meet me downstairs.” Did you go downstairs? Good stuff downstairs. And, of course, he’s evil, and was all “Give me the tablet!” and I was all “You teach me source!” and the ritual to learn it was awful and tortured people and everyone didn’t want me to do it so I said “STOP IT!” and he attacked me and now he’s dead just like in your game. But I went downstairs! Though I didn’t get him to teach me anything. Found the third teleport pyramid, though! That’s cool! And got a bunch of skills! So….yeah. And I communed with Ryker’s spirit and shit. You do that? And I couldn’t figure out all those ancient rune things. They seemed like they had a purpose, but damned if I know what.

Oh, and I helped a turtle win the love of a rat. That gave me a sense of pride and accomplishment.

And I leveled.

Anyway, you do anything in Ryker’s basement? Or talk to him after you killed him?


Oh man! That lady was tough, all right. And rude.

Teleport pyramid in Ryker’s basement? We went down there–I tried to help the turtle win the love of the rat by dropping food nearby–but we didn’t find any pyramid.

All those flammable rats were an interesting touch. I felt bad for them.

I talked to Ryker’s spirit, but he was cold and distant and refused to tell us anything useful. As I suppose is likely given he resented us killing him and all. We didn’t get any skills from him.

Did you talk to his pets upstairs? I declined to weigh in on which of them he loved more, but maybe we should go back and do it just to close the journal entry.


Wrong basement. This basement was accessed through his study, and he invited me there when I got back. Big ol’ room with dead people all through it, torture devices, lots for Sebille to eat, etc. Lots of upsetting child/family imagery. Side study with books aplenty and a glowing tenebrium chest with mad loot and the yellow pyramid.

The rat and the turtle were in a different basement.

You had to make a trail of food for the rat to follow. Then he noticed the turtle and boom.

Man, you must be ahead of me cuz all your basements are blurring together. The flaming rats were in Alice the witch’s basement, hut near the scarecrow fight.

Did you get the visions from Ryker? They were vague but interesting.

Oooo! I also encourage you to eat dudes! Sebille at something today and got a memory AND a skill! Fire whip! She learned it from the dead guy’s memory!

I did talk to the pets, but couldn’t make anything of it, but now I found a collar and the journal updated so maybe I will.

At least I leveled. Progress!

But I don’t have a third source slot. Sigh.


All the basements do blur together.

That’s right, the rats were Alice’s…along with that frog in a locked chamber, which I teleported out trying to be helpful, but accidentally killed it with the landing. Oops. Sorry frog.

What was with Alice and those frogs?

That was probably some transformed person who could have taught us useful skills. Siiiigh.

Yeah, I think we can use the collar to argue that he loved one of them more. Probably either “look, he loved the dog more because he wanted it to have this cool collar” or “look, he loved the cat more because he didn’t make it suffer the indignity of having a collar,” depending on which we decide to vote for.

Maybe we’ll go back and do that, and try to find his study basement. Sounds like an interesting place.

His spirit did present us with some visions, but I couldn’t make much of them either. Perhaps all will be clear in time, or perhaps he was just trying to set a mood. A creepy mood.


HA! I did the same thing. I also wanted the recipe for the potion to help out the other cow, which it had, and I helped out the other cow. Who turned out to be a man. Which was awkward.

As for why frogs, she was a witch, I guess. Kinda how they do.

Well, at least I learned a recipe. Poor guy.

The basement is your kind of place! Theme, creepiness, mad loot.

It is interesting that source makes you look/feel younger. That’s new. As for the one with the dog? Hmm. Not sure yet. There seemed to be a lot of dog related stuff in Ryker’s house. Must ponder.

I don’t want to hurt the dog or cat’s feelings. I feel bad enough that the poor salamander seems heartbroken.


Yeah, I also don’t want to make either of the animals feel bad. I’m sure he loved them both! In his creepy fashion.

The salamander still won’t talk to me. I never figured out how to make friends with it, although there was surely some way given that we had a line in the journal about it. One time I tried dropping some meat in front of it, because hey, food!–but everyone got mad and attacked me. So apparently that is actually a grave insult to a salamander, and I should have known better.

Maybe it wanted the phoenix egg. I’m still carrying that around.


It just wanted to be loved. To be understood.

Maybe it, too, had a crush on the rat.

It’s so sad. I feel bad. Kinda.

It is kinda hypocritical Lohse, being all high and mighty.

Lohse: I must learn more about source! Do teach me!
Ryker: Cool. I’ll just summon these innocent souls and-
Ryker: How dare I what?
Lohse: Cause harm to innocents to further your goals!
Ryker: Listen, sister, it isn’t MY goal, it’s YOURS, and YOU have killed, like, 4598734957 things in this game.
Lohse: But you’re bad….
Ryker: How so?
Lohse: You’re a necromancer!
Ryker: ****points at Sebille**** She has seven ranks in it.
Lohse: But she’s hot…..
Ryker: Try again.
Lohse: You have no empathy! You care about nothing!
Salamander, cat, dog, turtle in unison: What are we, chopped liver?
Lohse: OH STOP IT! Enough! I’m going to kill you!
Ryker: Why?
Lohse: To further my goals!
Ryker: Dumbass, that is the exact OPPOSITE of furthering your goals, as I am trying to HELP YOU.
Lohse: Die, vile killer of everyone!
Ryker: Sheesh.


It’s all part of the process. One must grapple with many contradictions and internal inconsistencies on the path to godhood.

Speaking of which, you talked to Jahan about the thing in your head, right? Our Lohse talked to him, and then Gannibog also talked to him about her. It was relevant to the godhood story.

I also like the idea that every animal in the house was secretly yearning for the love of the rat, which just wanted food.

Ah, the twists and turns of romance!


I sort of talked to him? He’s still being rather cagey about it. He certainly knows it’s there, and he’s certainly interested in it….

Why? What’d Lohse finally say to you guys?

Nah, man, the rat is happy!

You make a trail of food and the rat follows and when it sees the turtle they both get that purple haze and hearts that means “charmed” and he rushes to her and that’s that. If you talk to him again, he’s all “WeMakeACuteCoupleWeDoWeDo.”

Betty the turtle gets the rat’s last rose. Bravo, Betty. Bravo.

The entry in the journal for the completed quest is “May we all hope that Betty and Roy’s love lasts forever.”

Game does humor pretty well, too.


Hm. It was the first time she specifically hopped into the conversation and said “he can help me with my issue,” but it might actually be a conversation that’s specific to after you do a thing on Bloodmoon Island. Perhaps I shouldn’t say for now.


Say no more. I’m nowhere near that shit.

I’ll mop up down by the cemetery then maybe drift towards Roost tomorrow. Maybe.

But it’s half day Tuesday tomorrow so who knows?

Fucking Tuesday.


Oh, Tuesday. The most terrible day of the week.

Yeah, drift toward Roost when you get a chance. There’s useful stuff there. Possibly including the ability to channel more Source!

Also possibly some fighting. I mean, we had a lot of fighting, but we didn’t have Ifan with us, so it might all go differently for you.

Although odds are there will still be fighting.


There will most assuredly be fighting.

Though it is a mercy of this game that things don’t respawn. I can safely skedaddle from the awful temple fight without worrying there’ll be magistars there if I want to come back. If these fights were this long and you had to do them again if you left?

That would be uncool.

More source? Huh. That isn’t on the list of sourcerers. For me, anyway, that’s Mordus (check), Ryker (dead), the portal lizard (no), and whatever Jahan wants (eventually). There’s channeling and stuff there?


Ah…the world is full of mystery and surprises. I’ll say no more. But it’s worth a visit.

Nasty fight, though. That was where Peeper turned up dead at the end and we just said “hell no, not re-fighting that mess for a void-chicken”.

Not quite as nasty as the Eternal. The game won’t do that to you.


You missed nothing, chicken wise.

Another. Nasty. Fight.



There’s always another nasty fight. It’s the way of things when you’re trying to stamp out evil and/or ascend to godhood. So many people and things trying to stand in your way.


Or when you’re raising kids. Or own a house.

Fuck godhood. Too much work. A far more fitting reward for winning all these fights would be a nice hut in Vermont with plenty of time to drink and play games in peace and quiet.

Gods don’t get that. They get people asking them for stuff and blaming them for shit they didn’t do.

Wait….when I look at it like that…I AM A GOD!!!!



Ooh, that IS deep!

The game’s real message is, look at these characters struggling and striving, trying desperately to get to exactly where you already are!

Divinity…is already within you.

It’s not what it’s cracked up to be, honestly.


And all these bad magistars and voidwoken trying to take away their booze which is the thing that gets them through.