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Spoilers for stuff on Bloodmoon Isle in Divinity: Original Sin 2


Have not yet played, as I have decided FITNESS must be a part of self care (and I haven’t done FITNESS in a very long time) so that meant the treadmill, which meant TV which means I at least have something vaguely gamey as I watched the first episode of The Witcher on Netflix.

And you know? It isn’t bad!

It’s not great, but it isn’t bad.

It obviously trying to satisfy the jones of people detoxing from a Game of Thrones withdrawl. It so very obviously is. But the dude playing Geralt nails it (he says he’s always been a hardcore player of the games and it shows) and there’s just enough fan service to make gamers smile (he spends a lot of time talking to Roach, and yes, it’s Roach). It certainly has a good slice of cheese on top, but as a time killer it’s fun.

Time killer. Ha.

Though it did seem to have a lot of people saying “it/he/she is your DESSSSStiny” in that way that shows do way too much.

So yeah, maybe check it out. Of course, when you’re expecting a train wreck, it’s easy to like something.


FITNESS is important! I salute your prioritization of fitness.

I actually did watch the first half hour of the first episode a week or so ago. It was all right, but I ran out of TV time at work, and then I never got back to it. So I clearly didn’t love the hell out of it.

Mr. O’ has watched it and said it was OK. I might try to pick it up again, but we’ll see.

And…you’re not going to want to hear this, but as your friend I feel it’s my duty to tell you…

You should start playing Pokemon GO again. It would make for game-related fitness sessions! We could discuss gym tactics!



Tv time…..at work….

I don’t have a job and I don’t get tv time!

And play Pokémon!! It’ll slow down your divinity time. Some.

Haven’t played yet.

Now getting booze. Also key.

Then games.

Days pretty good so far, especially for HALF-Day Tuesday, which fills me with foreboding.


Ah, don’t worry. Everything is going to be great!

You’re gonna love it.


I have lots of booze and I’m actually playing!

What is this feeling…I feel…relaxed…


Cherish this time!

Is it going to be like this every day in the home? Oh, glorious future!


I can’t wait. I really can’t.

Well, that was certainly one of those sessions that felt productive, and maybe was productive, but doesn’t feel productive.

So I figured I didn’t want anything to do with the tree yet, cuz those bastards looked hard. So I sorta stayed around the perimeter. Got into a fight, won. Found a vault that’s unfinished and had a lever and couldn’t figure out what that was about. Found the archives! But not the way in. Found a forge! Made a silver handle to something! I have no idea what. Found some ghosts. Found a ghost and several piles of source filled corpses. Eww. That was creepy. Got into another fight! Won! Found a druid! He told me about the archives! I said “I know that place! But I can’t find the way in!” So I went back to look and found the way in! Handy! Searched everywhere, read a ton of shit. Found a hymnal, was able to read it cuz Sebille. Got into the room, talked to the blade I found in the other place. Tried to put them together. Couldn’t. Opened the chest, got the pyramid and went to leave…..

….and caught myself by saying “THIS is the time you forget to look for ghosts????” and looked for ghosts.

Talked to the ghost. Who told me about a vault.

“A vault!” said I, and went back to the unfinished vault…..

And still couldn’t figure it out. Couldn’t use the silver handle on the lever, can’t tell what the lever does, couldn’t sing, couldn’t figure out how to make the fires go out, etc.

Hit save cuz noticed school is almost over. Shit. It was so nice.

But I don’t FEEL productive cuz after all that I have MORE QUESTS TO DO than I did before. Freeing….what, demons? Children? Priests? SO MUCH FREEING!

Anyway, did all that. And I STILL think it fits into my themes.

But now what? I feel like I’m close here but missing something…what’s with this vault?


Oh my gods dude, I am with you, we NEVER figured out what was with that damn vault. Sure seems like something! But we could never figure out anything. Did spirit vision, tried levers, tried attacking the damn walls…I don’t know. It was either nothing, or something too well concealed for me.

But hang onto the silver lever, you can use it elsewhere. As you’d expect.

And hey, you’ve already talked to a bunch of ghosts it took us about three visits to the island to talk to, so go you! Productive!


So, shit, that WASN’T the vault that all this archive shit is talking about? Or might it be and we just haven’t figured it out yet?

I shall hang onto the lever.

It can’t be nothing. There’s no way they plop that there just cuz. Nothing in this game has been nothing.

Unless! Unless!

Maybe it would’ve tied into Fane’s personal quest. We have every character covered here, except Fane, and a vault, especially an unfinished one, would make some sense for him.

Or it’s really fucking important and we’re both being stupid. Which is possible.

But OK, so now what? I think I’ve done everything on this island except fight the advocate (which I don’t think I’m ready to do) or fight the black ring dudes that’re fucking with the tree. But I have to do one of those, right? The tree. I kinda have to do the tree.

This won’t be easy.

Oh, and Cyberpunk is delayed until September.

So where’s that leave us? We have six months to kill before that. Are you guys almost done? How much longer do you think this is? Even where I am, I figure I have at most a month, probably less, and you’re ahead of me by twelve country miles.

I have the Outer Worlds in the house. That ought to keep us occupied if you’re into it, but not for six months.

I mean, as of now, The Last Of Us 2 is still hitting in spring, but man, I don’t know if I have that one in me right now. It probably would’ve filled in the time nicely, but….I dunno. It’s probably not the best game to play when you’re stressed in general, you know? If you have strong feelings, then I’ll blog it with you, but…..

So, do we have anything in the back catalog? We always seem to have these “Maybe someday” games that we promptly forget about when someday comes.

Oh, after some looking, maybe Life is Strange 2. All five episodes are out. That might be good one. But I don’t know much about it.

But we can finish this, do the Outer Worlds, see where we’re at.


Well…this is one of a few vaults. So as far as we can tell, we found everything we were supposed to find in the other ones. (There are three. Just so you don’t worry about locating 12 of them or something.) But yeah, it does seem like something that should be something. Maybe Fane-related, as you say. There has to be Fane content that we’re not getting, and maybe it’s here.

I could look it up, but…maybe later.

And yeah, in order to move on at this point you kind of have to fight the people at the tree and/or the Advocate. Or look for hatches to more vaults!–and can’t remember if we had to fight someone to get the locations for those, or if we were able to get into them.

Oh–did you find a Hymnal in the archives? Or somewhere? I think you have to sing the song from the hymnal to each of the three statues you can find on the island (all pretty close together) and they will reveal the hatches.

As to what next…hmm. Outer Worlds could be OK, LiS too…there was that Vampyr game we had on the maybe list…that’s all I can think of at the moment.


Yeah, later.

WHERE are the three? I’ve been pretty much everywhere. Give me a hint.

I did find the hymnal!

Ah right! Forgot about Vampyr.

Well, I have outer worlds, so I vote that. Gives LiS some time to be a freebie on PS+, which it might be.


Sounds good. Outer Worlds it is. Maybe LiS AND Vampyr will be free! Vampyr actually seems to be out of print, though. It’s only available from third-party sellers on Amazon. Hm.

Well, we certainly don’t have to worry about it now.

Enjoy those hatches! Scholar comes in handy sometimes.


Aren’t you damn close to the end of this?

WHERE ARE THE HATCHES???????? Just tell me. Cuz I’m soul crushed again. Half-Day Tuesday.

Band concert tonight. “That’s not so bad,” you might think. And it isn’t, as the bands are pretty good. “So why the crushed soul?” you might think. Cuz Junior left his trumpet at school. The school is across town. And he has homework.

It ain’t never easy.

And ain’t nothing out of print if we get it from the PS store.


Oh, I thought you said you found…never mind, sorry, that was about the hymnal. Look for three statues, in a loose line, pretty close to that place where you talked to the creepy people right when you got off the bridge.

Click X to ‘Use’ the statues and you should be able to sing a hymn to them that will make them reveal hatches underneath them.

You don’t have to talk to the creepy people again, but the statues are in that general area.



Time to cheat. I’m too far behind.

Googling? Cheating. Asking blogmate? Totally not.