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Spoilers for inside the Academy on the Nameless Isle in Divinity: Original Sin 2


So last night remembered to do ghost sight on the Shadow Prince there, and that was disappointing. He was all “He fears the tree!” and I’m “WHO IS HE? TELL ME!” Or my character is. I, myself, was all “Yeah, yeah, Sallow man? I know. Or Alexander, one or the other. Who cares? Just tell me this isn’t a NEW ‘he’ cuz I’ve had it up to here with lore.”

Then I popped over to the dwarf temple and did the dwarf temple and dealt with the knight and got the prize from the watcher. Did you do the dwarf temple? Cuz I have thoughts on the dwarf temple. Well, musings, anyway.

Then zooped back to the entrance to the academy and that’s where I am.

I’m SO glad I remembered to leave a pyramid there. Smart, me.


That IS smart! We don’t leave pyramids anywhere, but now that we all have one, we sometimes leave one character somewhere while the others go to market to sell things.

I think we’ve been subconsciously concerned that someone would run off with a pyramid if we let it out of our sight, though that is obviously silly.

Brilliant thinking!


Well, if I had had to do all that teleporting and shit again, I might have rage quit. So brilliant!

Maybe the game kinda expects you to do that. Maybe they give the pyramids instead of waypoints. Not sure why they can’t do both, but maybe the game is expecting us to use them like bookmarks or something.

All the same, it was quite handy.


Yeah, pyramids as mobile waypoints kind of makes sense. Brilliant!


Playing. Reloading a lot. This is weird.

I am in the academy. I have spoken to many ghosts. But I’m not even half through.

But before that……

So how’d it go for you when you were at the door? It was all “You should have a talk…” So I talked to Sebille and she was all “I don’t want divinity anymore. I just want to be myself. With you. It’s what I wanted all along. I’ll support any decision you make,” kissed me, done.

Then I talked to Beast and he was all on about the Isle of Mists (which you don’t know about, but it’s bad, tears apart your soul), and he’s all “I just want to be divine to save my people from that….when I do, when I stop Operation Downfall, I’ll give it up. Walk away. Leave the world to live as it wants.” And I thought “And it’s you!” Talked to Ifan, and he WOULD NOT BUDGE on being the divine, and I said “You can’t,” and he left in a huff and he’s gone forever.

And I told Beast I wanted him to ascend, and he got very emotional. And in we went, we three.

And talked to a million ghosts and a robot and a voidwoken (FANE is the baddie?????)

How’d it go for you?


Fascinating! This is probably actually the point at which we had those conversations I mentioned yesterday, where Lohse said she wanted to go for it and Gannibog talked her out of it, and Sebille told the Prince “I’m behind you, man,” and that was that.

And then we went in and not just Fane, but Ifan and Beast were there, all angry with us. So all our dead companions came back to haunt us.

Super interesting that you could lose Ifan entirely, though. I expect that would have happened with Lohse if Gannibog hadn’t managed to persuade her…and maybe the Prince if I hadn’t supported him.

Hm. You’re down to three now! Interesting!


Whoa, I haven’t met the Prince and Fane yet. Where are they? They around?

Yeah, Ifan took off. He was all “I wish it had been different…we could have made a good team…maybe we’ll meet again….” and off he ran. No fight, none of that. And I got a message that said “Your companion has permanently left your party, but he was kind enough to leave a backpack with all his things before he left!”

Cheeky, game.

But yeah, when I started, there was only Lohse in the party (on the left), and I added Sebille and Beast one by one. Ifan, not so much.

We’re a trio.


Ha! That is cheeky. And that was very kind of Ifan!

Oops…occurs to me that was a spoiler, about the dead companions. I assumed you’d reached a certain point…but now I remember, you’re probably talking about a memory of Fane that you got from someone.

Uh…sorry. Forget I said anything about dead companions! They may or may not ever show up anywhere!


Nah, the voidwoken mentioned “Fane the traitor who ripped something or other lore lore lore” and said “WHOA!”

So it was that.


Ah. Yeah. I totally meant that too! Ha. I’d forgotten that, but yeah, we totally had that reaction as well–whoa, they’re mentioning Fane?!

And then other things displaced that in my thoughts about Fane.

Which you may or may not ever know since you may or may not ever see him around again. There’s no way to know.