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Spoilers for Stellar Bay in The Outer Worlds


Hey, I played!

My city has almost 1000 people and I’m profitable even after cutting the tax rate! Starting to get a little traffic on the main drag, but I think a couple traffic lights will help. I sure do wish my education level would go up, and I have to get some residences away from the industry cuz of noise pollution.

I am so, so, so sorry.

I’ll play tonight. The Outer Worlds, I mean. Story ahoy!

I wonder if they used coal or wind power in Byzantium…..

Help me.


Well, if you’re having fun…it’s important to have time to relax and enjoy life. If you can more easily snatch that time for city building, maybe that’s what you’ve got to do right now.


Oh don’t be so dramatic. I can indulge in my addictions and still stay focused on what’s important.

****checks tequila supply****

Oh and I clicked on this to see if we were missing something, and, while the Coffee Talk game looks fun….wow that game about pizza…..

7 Indie Gems You Finally Have Time To Play Under Lockdown

Video games, man. Gotta love ’em.


Hm…interesting…I guess Coffee Talk might be fun. Hm.


That screenshot from that pizza game is going to haunt my dreams.

But–Good lord I PLAYED!

Putzed around Amber Heights and mostly listened to Vicar Max argue with Philosophists. I suppose if a game is going to have religious babble, at least let two people discuss it in front of you. Makes it sorta easier to understand. A little. I do get a little annoyed at religious mumbo jumbo, but the contrast between the head in the clouds leader and the practical medic is kinda cool, and suggests a Weighty Choice later. Vicar Max does kinda like Zora. Who did you have with you for this?

So I putzed and fixed stuff and got quests and talked that dude into going home to his mother. That was….Hmm.

I found it odd that there wasn’t an option to just say “Hey man! Be you!” The ONLY quest objective was “talk him into going back.” It was that or ignore/botch the quest. True, I went back and there were options. I picked “You have to let him be his own man,” which, in and of itself was me speaking for him. I have a feeling I encouraged him enough that he’ll go back out there and get eaten. I’m not sure how I feel about that quest. I don’t feel like I did the right thing. But Nyoka was pretty clear that the guy wasn’t cut out for being outside of Stellar Bay.

I am pondering my actions.

And pondering the themes. This part of the game seems to be (even more) about freedom vs. security, and WHOA was this quest about that. I wanted the guy to go his own way (freedom) and I’m pretty sure he’s gonna get eaten for it. What does that say?

Interesting quest. I’m curious to see how this all goes.


Yeah, that bit with the guy and his mother was really interesting. I mean…the mother was WAY overcontrolling! Infantilizing this guy his entire life! No wonder he left.

And yet, if he runs off and gets eaten as a free man away from the apron strings, is he really any better off? Probably not?

I did exactly the same thing you did, of course…convinced him to go back and then encouraged him to speak up for himself. I left them both sitting on the porch. Spoiler, sort of: I never heard anything else about them, so…I guess they’re fine?

Maybe you’ll run into a person who has an update.

Stellar Bay was indeed an interesting situation. In some ways it was Emerald Vale again (company town, rebellious settlement outside), but with twists (the company town is itself rebelling against the Board, the rebels are sort of religious fanatics).

I did not play, so no updates about the giant robot. I find myself feeling really sluggish and unhealthy without my regular daily commute-walk, so I’ve started going for a brisk walk on alternate nights after the kids are in bed (even when I drag them out of the house, they don’t walk quickly or far, so it’s not great for FITNESS). It’s not as if there’s any hurry to finish this game.


Whoa, you’re not UNHEALTHY are you? Do not throw that word around these days.

That’s not a lack of a walk, dude. That’s being trapped in a house with your kids crushing your soul. You know how I’m always “soul crushed?” There ya go.

Well, we kinda had to do that in that quest. There wasn’t a “decide not to talk him into going home” option. Strange.

It did give me a chance to get amused by the mechanic games have of boosting persuade skills with gear.

Me: You should really go home to your mother. She misses you.
Him: NO WAY!
Me: ****puts on top hat**** What if I ask you while wearing a top hat?
Him: Well…..OK, sure.


I love that top hat so much. I wear it everywhere. More for the style than the bonus, really. I need to remember to change it once in a while for hard fights. Like giant robots.

Yeah…soul-crushed. That’s it.


I’m telling ya, dude. That’s it. You THINK it’s physical activity, but really, when you’re on your walk, blissfully, quietly ALONE, away from kids and house, that’s your soul growing back.

See also your commute walk. I’ve talked to Mrs. McP about this. A commute is a good thing. Lets you get into work mode slowly, lets you wind down after work. Going from home to work to home bang bang bang is a tough jolt.

Or so I hear. We stay at homes are always at work. You job people with your fancy commutes……

It’s your soul, man. Your soul.

And hopefully not COVID.


Well, it’s the soul for sure, but also the muscles. I mean, to go from walking three miles a day to essentially couch potato is a shift. One needs to move around.

One also needs a top hat.

Actually, we have one!–but it doesn’t really fit me. It was Mr. O’s great grandfather’s or something, and he must have had a small head. It’s dashing, though.


You’re likely not as couch potato as you think. Well, you are working, so maybe. But I have found that my “not leaving the house step count” is WAAAAY up cuz of chasing the kids. I’ve hit 10K steps WITHOUT GOING OUTSIDE several times. Not even the fucking YARD.



Hm. Maybe. I don’t have the step counter on anymore…my FitBit habit proved transitory and I eventually couldn’t be bothered to charge it anymore. I know the count was always way down on weekends while I was wearing it, though, and having to sit at the computer and try to work can’t be helping.

Kids, though.


Way down on weekends…….

What do you feed your kids, morphine?


Well, consider that you have 50% more kids to chase than I do, so your step count would be expected to be proportionately higher.

But it’s not so much that they don’t move, as that I spend an hour and 20 minutes a day just walking when I commute to work. I don’t spend that much time walking around after them on weekends. Or when working from home.

I mean, I can shout “stop throwing things at each other!” from my seat.


You can, but I find that “don’t hit each other” doesn’t work unless you are up and standing between them, and then, only sometimes.

Man, that’s a healthy walk each day. Jealous.


Yeah, I walk a lot to get to work. In normal times. I used to really resent the time it takes out of my day (that’s minimum two hours a day I’m not working, but am also not free), but then I decided to think of it more positively as built-in exercise/outdoor time, so I don’t mind it so much.

And I kind of miss it now. Hence the alternate nights of “I’m going to go walk around for an hour.”

Also, I can get some valuable Pokemon GO in.


I can see why you miss it. It sounds sublime.

How is it only 3:30? How is it still May? What is time, anyway?


Time is an illusion. We have always been quarantined, and we will always be quarantined. There is no outside world.

No, wait, there is…because it is possible to order booze to be delivered from it.

Once again, booze restores my grasp on reality. Such as it is.


It’s not so bad. I don’t need to cut my hair*, I can wear my Bruins lounge pants all day, every day, I push buttons and someone brings me booze.

If I could only get rid of all these people in my house, I’d be living the dream.

*(I do need to cut my hair)


Hell is other people, I’ve heard.

Quarantine will clarify that point for us.


I didn’t need that particular point clarified. No, no I did not.



Quarantine: answering questions you really didn’t need answers to.


Questions like:

1) How long does my hair have to be before I see it out of the corner of my eye and think there’s a big bug by my head? (Answer: however long it was as of yesterday.)
2) How bad can 13 year olds really smell when they don’t give a shit? (Answer: You don’t want to know)
3) Every. Single. Possible. Thing. To know. About. Minecraft. (Answer: Fuck that noise)


4) Is hell other people? (Answer: TBD. It’s possible there’s a dramatic plot twist where hell is actually me.)


We are all other people to everyone else.

T SHIRT!!!!! that we can wear to ironic coffee houses if they ever open again.


“We are all other people to everyone else.”

Especially me, man.

Especially me.

(I don’t really know what that means, but it sounds deep and brooding, like something I’d say in an ironic coffee house if I ever went to one even if they were open.)


If a large man in heavy armor said that to you you’d leave Mr. O.

If a lizard in heavy armor said that to you, you’d leave your whole family and I’d never hear from you again.


Avoiding this temptation is exactly why I stay away from ironic coffee houses. Know your weaknesses and compensate for them, I say.